Buddhist corner of Cherkasy region: how to get to Europe's largest martial arts center

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"White Lotus": interesting facts

There is a unique center of spirituality, the White Lotus, in the heart of Ukraine amidst picturesque landscapes. Read on to find out what makes it special.

The history of its creation

Laos is a country in Southeast Asia. It was here that the future founder of the architectural monument, Volodymyr Skubaiev, came to the country in 1970. Here he studied kungfu for several years.

Despite the prospects abroad, he decided to return to his homeland. But before that, he promised his teacher to build a martial arts school in his native land.

Volodymyr had long dreamed of building a temple. In 1989, he finally found the perfect place.

Buddhist corner of Cherkasy region: how to get to Europe's largest martial arts center

Construction features

During the construction of the building, an ancient statuette was found. After examination, it turned out that it contained three metals, one of which was of extraterrestrial origin.

Surprisingly, no machinery was used during the construction. Everything was done by hand. Students from all over the world came to Volodymyr to help. Musicians, artists, and even poets worked on the shrine. After all, a master must be able to do everything.


This is the name of the school itself, which means "Clan of Five Fighting Cats". It is the largest in Europe and the only one in Ukraine. There are pears, logs, and various training models on the territory. Therefore, visitors can easily practice various techniques.

For example, to understand the basics of Thai boxing, self-defense, and healing. They can also try their hand at oriental dancing and master the practice of proper breathing. Be sure to take part in a tea ceremony. It is said that this drink gives wisdom.

Buddhist corner of Cherkasy region: how to get to Europe's largest martial arts center

Kungfu philosophy

Scientists believe that emotional burnout will become a disease of the 21st century. After all, everyone is constantly in a hurry, losing the meaning of life.

That's why the temple made sure that every visitor could feel happiness, health, love, family well-being and wealth. Altars and relics of saints from Thailand are installed here, which will give you all the energy you need.


There is a legend that a small statue of Buddha was found while digging a pit. The artifact influenced the future ideology of the school. Researchers claimed that the townspeople were direct descendants of the Aryan tribes that used to live in Cherkasy.

According to another story, there were some surprises when the foundation for the boiler room was being built. Then they suddenly came across a masonry of old bricks. Moving it, they discovered an underground passage. It had two directions: The National University and the Dnipro River.

Locals also tell of a thief who decided to rob the building of spirituality. When he was climbing over the stone wall, he fell to the ground with a heart attack. And in his hand he was holding what he had stolen.

Buddhist corner of Cherkasy region: how to get to Europe's largest martial arts center

Death of the founder

Volodymyr Skubaiev died on October 4, 2021, at the age of 63. He fought a terrible disease - stomach cancer - to the end. Unfortunately, the disease won.

Interesting facts

  1. Scientists believe that there is a torsion field here. It gives a large flow of energy that comes from the very bowels of the Earth directly into the Cosmos.
  2. In the Buddhist corner, travelers are greeted by statues of ancient Arhat warriors. They were brought from Tibet itself.
  3. There is a section of a 300-year-old oak tree. It was brought from the Kholodnyi Yar crater, which was formed at the site of an asteroid impact.

3 things every tourist should do

  1. To make your most cherished wish come true, hit a gong on a sacred hill.
  2. Spin five green drums to have your prayer answered. Each of them symbolizes one of the world's religions.
  3. To ask the higher powers for a strong family, health, longevity, and peace, light incense in front of the Buddha's altar.

You can get to the shrine every Sunday at 12 o'clock. Retreats are also held here at the end of the month. If you need spiritual renewal, you will be offered meditation, yoga, mantra chanting, or energy practices. Guests from other cities can stay overnight in a temple cell. But you need to make an appointment in advance.

How to get there?

The location is in Cherkasy at the bottom of Franko Street, 4. Buses run from the railway and bus stations.

If you need a reboot, go to the White Lotus. This is a real treasure trove of wisdom, harmony and enlightenment.

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