Britain to hit businesses that help Russia circumvent sanctions: the government presents its plan

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Britain creates new agency to monitor sanctions against Russia
Britain creates new agency to monitor sanctions against Russia

The UK has created the Office of Trade Sanctions Implementation (OTSI). This is a new unit to combat companies that help Russian circumvent sanctions.

This is evidenced by a post on the British government's website. It officially states that the fight against the circumvention of sanctions against Russia was the main motivation for the creation of OTSI.

Like its financial counterpart OFSI, OTSI will investigate potential violations of UK export restrictions. In particular, the newly created agency was authorized to impose administrative fines and refer cases to HM Revenue and Customs for criminal prosecution.

In addition, the OTSI will monitor the activities of companies that may try to circumvent sanctions by sending products through third countries. The main goal of its activities will be to increase the significance of trade restrictions in the UK.

The unit will start working early next year and will be part of the Department of Business and Trade. The OTSI was created ahead of the UK's approval of further sanctions against the aggressor country of Russia.

However, the UK has recently expanded sanctions against the supply of military and dual-use products to Russia. The list includes 46 new entities, including companies from Belarus, China, Serbia, Turkey, the UAE, and Uzbekistan.

As reported, Chinese companies continue to supply components, military equipment and dual-use goods to Russia. The supplies are carried out despite the sanctions and contrary to the official position of Beijing, which declares neutrality in the Russian-Ukrainian war. For example, one of the Chinese companies intends to supply a thousand drones to the Russian Federation, which will be delivered through Kazakhstan, which has also publicly stated that it will not help the aggressor state circumvent sanctions.

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