Beginning of the New Year holidays: a journey to the Residence of St. Nicholas

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Where the Residence of St. Nicholas is located

This year, for the first time, Ukrainian children will receive gifts under their pillows on December 6 instead of December 19. Parents will be preparing for this special day with anticipation and tenderness, carefully selecting the best gifts. Of course, they will choose the most delicious sweets and the finest toys. However, these might be forgotten by both the child and the adults.

If you want to make this year's holiday truly memorable, plan a trip to the Residence of the Miracle Worker. We will tell you what you can do and see there.

Why is it worth visiting the Residence?

First of all, for the sake of the children's emotions. Children love to peek behind the scenes of something unexplored and unknown. Think back to when you were their age. Kids are curious about everything in the world: why milk spills, where crayfish hibernate, and, of course, where the old man sneaks into the house every year and places the cherished package under the Christmas tree or the pillow. So why not give them a fairy tale? Moreover, there is no need to fly abroad. St. Nicholas' House is located in Ukraine.

By the way, you can not only visit Grandfather Nicholas but also write him a polite letter in advance. Be sure to do it! Let the child open up and share about their achievements, successes, and dreams. In the end, they can confidently ask for one of their wishes to come true.

The Miracle Worker's post office is located on the Residence's territory. So everyone will receive a reply!

Beginning of the New Year holidays: a journey to the Residence of St. Nicholas

What can you do in the Manor?

Certainly, to get to St. Nicholas' office. There, he will be delighted to talk to the child, answer all their questions, and present them with a gift. But the visit does not end there. You can wander around the house, explore the old man's chambers, peek into his closet, and see what he wears in spring or summer. There is also a magic mirror in the house, where mischievous children can see their reflection with a playful twist.

To keep the little visitors entertained, various interesting master classes are constantly developed for them. Children are taught to make Christmas tree decorations and can also learn other folk crafts, including embroidery, carving, ceramics, Easter egg making, carpet weaving, and even quilt making.

The Miracle Worker's assistants always organize charity events, theatrical celebrations, informative lectures, and excursions to introduce guests to the park's flora and fauna. Additionally, the estate features a museum of nature and Christmas toys, ethnographic, and cultural and artistic centers, a children's railway, an aviary, Hutsul crafts houses, and a playground.

Adults will not be bored either. On this day, they can briefly become kids again and fulfill their innermost dreams.

Don't forget to visit the main Christmas tree and touch any of its ornaments. Rumor has it that during such an event, you should make a wish that will certainly come true.

Beginning of the New Year holidays: a journey to the Residence of St. Nicholas

Where is the St. Nicholas Manor located?

The Residence is situated on the territory of the Hutsulshchyna National Nature Reserve in the village of Pistyn, Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The project was developed and implemented in 2004, and the Grandfather welcomed his first visitors at the end of 2006. Since then, the doors of the Residence have remained open continuously. Even in the summer, the Miracle Worker warmly receives guests. Children come to him just to talk, share details about their families, and, of course, express their deepest dreams.

While the Manor may not be as bustling at other times of the year, in winter, the laughter of children echoes throughout. Many people wish to see the Saint on Christmas and New Year's Eve to experience the festive atmosphere.

In December, the "St. Nicholas bonfire" is also lit on the complex's grounds, where mischievous children burn their bad habits. The event takes place in a specially designated area called the "12 Christian Virtues."

By the way, the project was not solely created for entertainment. Its primary goal is to foster high moral qualities in children and young people, instilling in them a love for national culture and a desire to preserve historical heritage.

Beginning of the New Year holidays: a journey to the Residence of St. Nicholas

That is why the Residence is adorned in the authentic Hutsul style. Wooden statues of fairy-tale characters are scattered around the vicinity. Inside, shelves boast Santa Claus toys crafted in various countries worldwide. The ceiling is adorned with a grand chandelier embellished with glass figures of guardian angels.

If you wish to meet the Miracle Worker in person, it's essential to submit an application in advance, especially during the winter holidays.

If meeting St. Nicholas proves challenging, consider booking a guided tour. It promises to be equally captivating and enlightening.

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