Beauty standards are changing fast! How women's makeup has transformed over the last 100 years. Photo

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Beauty standards are changing fast! How women's makeup has transformed over the last 100 years. Photo

Over the past 100 years, ideas about human rights, fashion, the representation of women's images in culture, and the concept of beauty in general have been transformed. Every decade, makeup styles change, and the 2020s will be remembered as a trend for natural beauty.

The British plastic surgery clinic Transform Hospital Group has generated images of decades since the 1920s. The study showed what to expect in the 2030s, as a kind of cycle with makeup trends repeats every 30-40 years.

  • 1920s: red lips and lush eyelashes
In the 1920s, women started using cosmetics

The trend of this era was unnaturally lush heart-shaped lips. Women went beyond the contour of their own lips and painted them bright red. Clearly defined eyelashes were also popular, along with blush to give the face a more rounded appearance. Beauties wanted to get pale ivory skin, so they used almost white powder.

  • 1930s: thin eyebrows
Thin eyebrows were fashionable in the 1930s

By the 1930s, foundation had become a common cosmetic product, making it much easier for women to achieve a smooth, flawless complexion. The absence of makeup was already a sign of unkemptness. In the 1930s, eyebrows were plucked very thinly for the first time, inspired by Hollywood stars Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, and Bette Davis.

  • 1940s: red lipstick
There was a shortage of cosmetics in the 1940s

Due to the shortage of cosmetics in the 1940s, girls did not have the opportunity to create new trends. During this period, women looked more natural, drew eyebrows with a pencil and used red lipstick. During the Second World War, red lips became a symbol of disobedience and defiance of the Nazi regime.

  • 1950s: orange lips
Orange lips were in fashion in the 1950s

After the war, brighter makeup made a comeback. In the 50s, there was a trend for femininity and elegance. Matte foundations appeared on the face, and cheekbones were summed up with a pale pink color. The highlight of this era was orange-red lipstick.

  • 1960s: false eyelashes
In the 1960s, false eyelashes were first used

Thick eyeliner became an extremely popular trend, making the eyes look brighter. The 1960s gave the world false eyelashes, which became popular thanks to a photo of the famous model Twiggy. Women also began to use concealer for puffiness under the eyes.

  • 1970s: pearlescent eyeshadow
In the 1970s, eye shadow was widely used

Bronzers became widely used in makeup in the 1970s, and the use of pearlescent powder to shine and emphasize cheekbones also grew in popularity. Shimmering and creamy eyeshadows became a trend, as did transparent lip glosses.

  • 1980s: pearlescent eyeshadow
In the 1980s, bright makeup is in fashion

The 1980s was the era of colors: blue, purple, pink eyeshadow. The brighter the look, the better. Colored mascara and bright lips were fashionable during the decade. Eyeliner was also applied to the upper and lower eyelids. For the first time, thick eyebrows became popular.

  • 1990s: burgundy lipstick
In the 1990s, purple lipstick is in fashion

Brown, purple and burgundy lipsticks were popular during the 90s and were combined with a dark lip pencil. Eyebrows were also dark, well-defined and usually very thin.

  • 2000s: lip gloss
In the 2000s, bright blush was in fashion.

The most recognizable makeup of the 2000s was bright blue eyeshadow combined with matte lipstick or glossy lip gloss. Eyebrows were plucked thinly and had a clearly defined shape.

  • 2010s: smokey eye
In the 2010s, dark shadows are in fashion.

In the 2010s, the biggest trend was "full face makeup". Thick foundation was combined with expressive eyebrows, contouring and dark shadows. Under the makeup, the skin looked fuller and plumper due to the appearance of fillers. In the 2010s, a trend for lush lips emerged as the popularity of beauty injections grew.

  • 2020s: natural beauty
Naturalness is in fashion in the 2020s

In the 2020s, the focus shifted from makeup to skin care and facials. Skin rejuvenation has become very popular. Makeup uses multifunctional products that work for eyes, lips, and cheeks.

  • 2030s: focus on the eyes
In the 2030s, the focus will be on the eyes

Experts at Transform Hospital Group predict that in the 2030s, skin care and anti-aging procedures will become even more popular. However, makeup will become brighter with an emphasis on the eyes.

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