Australia's weird laws that you'll definitely be punished for breaking

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Australia's weird laws that you'll definitely be punished for breaking

Australia is such an amazing country that many people want to learn more about its life. But there are some facts that surprise everyone without exception.

This also applies to some local laws. OBOZREVATEL has selected a few vivid examples.

1. In Australia, you can't vacuum at night, and you can't clean loudly: rustle dishes, move things, hammer nails. For all this, you can get a fine of $30.

2. Keeping large stocks of potatoes at home is prohibited. This is especially true in regions where farming is flourishing. This way, the country's residents can be visited by the police at any time. If more than 50 kg of these vegetables are found in the house, you will have to pay $5000 or prove that everything was purchased legally.

Australia's weird laws that you'll definitely be punished for breaking

3. Here you cannot publish false information about yourself online. This applies to everything: age, gender, profession, marital status, level of earnings, and even a photo. In this way, the authorities are trying to protect citizens from online fraud. Violators can be imprisoned for up to 6 months.

4. You cannot "meet" pigeons. They are still occasionally used here to exchange letters. So, if you catch a bird, you can inadvertently reveal the secret of correspondence. You will have to pay $250 for this.

5. It is forbidden to do magic here. Even guessing on coffee grounds can be equated to fraud and illegal activity. You can be fined $800 for this.

6. Can you imagine locking yourself in a refrigerator? And here, it is probably a very common phenomenon, since the authorities have banned the rental and sale of appliances that cannot be opened from the inside.

7. Australia is quite strict about using foul language in public places. Thus, performers are not allowed to use profanity during their performances. For the first time, they can be imprisoned for up to 2 months. And in case of repeated violation, you can be imprisoned for several years.

Australia's weird laws that you'll definitely be punished for breaking

8. Weddings and funerals are not allowed to interfere with the country. It is illegal to speak loudly, distract participants of the processions and start fights. The fine for this is $10,000. If the offender does not have such money, he can be sent to prison for 2 years.

9. It is also illegal to leave a car with the doors unlocked. This is done to reduce the crime rate in the country. So you will have to pay as much as $800 for inattention.

10. It is also illegal to do business with pirates. You should not sell them food or ammunition, and you should not collude with them. And although these maritime criminals have not appeared in the country for decades, the resolution is still in force. So you can be imprisoned for 10 years for this.

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