An extremely powerful flare that will collide with the Earth released by the Sun: when it will happen

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Solar flare will reach Earth on December 1

On Wednesday, November 29, scientists recorded a powerful M9.8 flare on the Sun. The super-hot plasma, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), was directed towards the Earth and will collide with the planet on December 1.

As Space explains, this means that we are likely to experience a strong geomagnetic storm in the coming days, which will be amplified by two CMEs that were recorded on November 27. And while weather-dependent people are preparing to feel worse, northern lights hunters are relishing the anticipation of the spectacular displays that will come with the perturbation of the Earth's magnetic field.

The M9.8 class flare was close to becoming the highest class X flare. Only M-class flares and 10 times more powerful X-class flares can have an impact on the Earth.

The Space Weather Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suggests that some components of the recent flares will reach the Earth as early as Thursday, November 30, and the next CMEs will reach the "target" on the first day of winter, December 1.

NOAA assumes that G1 and G2 disturbances will occur in the Earth's atmosphere. These are the weakest possible geomagnetic storms, which, nevertheless, can cause an increase in polar activity around the poles and minor fluctuations in electricity supply. But they are, of course, far from the most powerful G5, which can completely disable all radio communication systems on the sunlit side of the Earth for several hours.

The G2 storm, according to scientists, is expected to occur on December 1, when additional CMEs will appear.

There is also a possibility that we will not see three consecutive CMEs, but one "cannibal CME", which is formed when a flare heading for the Earth is overtaken by another, more powerful one. In this case, the intensified storm can reach class G3.

Space weather physicist Tamitha Skov warned that the storm will hit the Earth at noon on December 1 in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter). According to her forecasts, we are expecting three consecutive impacts "if the magnetic field is oriented correctly."

She also suggests that the northern lights will be seen not only near the poles but also further in the middle latitudes. Perhaps Ukrainians will witness the aurora again like in early November.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that the Sun may reach a dangerous peak earlier than scientists thought.

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