Always disappointing: the ten worst gifts for women and men

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The gifts on this list may upset or even offend them

The winter holiday season is almost upon us - it's time to start thinking about gifts for the people you love. And you probably don't want them to be disappointed by what you choose. That's why it's important to know what gifts to avoid.

Leah, a gift expert @leahsgiftguide, talks about this on her TikTok. We have collected her main tips. Let's add an important note right away: any of the above can be a great gift if you know that the person wants it or has asked you for it. In other cases, you shouldn't give it as a gift.


An animal is a living being, not a toy. The moment of gifting can be very sweet in itself, but then the person will have to take care of and raise the animal, which is a big responsibility and a lot of trouble. And let's not forget about allergies.

Underwear for body shaping

This gift carries the wrong message. It's as if you're hinting to the person that they don't look right and urgently need to improve themselves, at least with the help of shapewear.


This is another gift of insult. Even smart scales, which can give effective weight loss tips, still hint to the person you give them to that there is something wrong with their weight. You don't want to do that. By doing so, you can upset your friend or relative so much that you ruin the person's entire holiday season.

Any home care products

Just imagine opening a holiday package and finding a bottle of bleach or toilet bowl cleaner. Or a vacuum cleaner. Or a window cleaning robot. Would you run out and try them out right away? I doubt it. And no one else will either. Even expensive and extremely effective tools and appliances cannot be a gift. Especially not a good one.

Skin care cosmetics

If you are not a dermatologist, you are unlikely to choose something really suitable, because skin care is an extremely individual matter. So just give up on this idea. Products to combat the signs of age are especially prohibited.

Decorative cosmetics

If you don't know what a person uses, just give up on this idea. There is too great a risk of not guessing the color or shade, or even choosing something that will cause allergies.


Just like with cosmetics, there is too much risk of not guessing. Therefore, either ask what the person wants, but this will ruin the element of surprise, or come up with something else.

Self-help books

Even if you know for sure that your friend or relative is going through a difficult period, and a book will give them really good advice on how to get out of it, don't do it. Simply because it is an unnecessary reminder to the person that everything is bad in their life. Holidays are a time for joy, not for this.

Memberships in clubs or organizations

A gym membership or a book club membership sounds great. But a person must at least find time to fit these activities into their schedule. Which is not always possible.

Anything to change your appearance

One of Leah's subscribers told us how shocked his friend was when she once received a certificate for plastic surgery for the holiday. Similarly, teeth whitening products, self-tanners, hair dyes, pills for weight loss or weight gain, etc. will not bring joy. Don't hint to a person that they are not good enough for you.

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