Alternatives to the Carpathians: where else to ski and snowboard in Ukraine

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Ski slopes in Ukraine

When it comes to ski resorts, most Ukrainians think that they need to go to the west of the country. After all, it is there that the mountain ranges are spread out and the slopes for skiers and snowboarders are equipped. But it is worth remembering that our country is unique and inimitable. Its canyons in the steppe are worth a look. If they exist, then why can't the hills be located among the plains? Of course, they can!

So if you don't want to rush far from home, but want to get away for a vacation and save a lot of money, these winter complexes are just for you. Let's find out where else you can go skiing!

Berezivka, Odesa region

Yes, you can go to Odesa to have fun not only in summer but also in winter. In 2013, a ski resort was built on the shores of a dried-up estuary. We'd like to reassure you right away: don't worry that the weather in this region is not suitable for such activities. All the slopes are equipped with snowmaking systems. So if there is no natural snow, there will be artificial snow.

The location has a training track, a tubing slope, and two main tracks 700 and 650 meters long. There is a ski school on the territory, as well as 2 drag lifts, 1 children's lift and a baby lift. Of course, there are plenty of places to eat, warm up, and relax. The only drawback is that the ski trails are not illuminated, so you can't go skiing at night.

The complex is located 130 kilometers from Odesa. You can get there by car or bus. The latter runs daily from the Central Bus Station.

Alternatives to the Carpathians: where else to ski and snowboard in Ukraine

Kamianka, Poltava region

In 2012, a ski resort was opened in the homeland of the Sorochyn Fair. That is why it was named Sorochyn Yar. Although the resort is small in size, it has a wide variety of routes. There are even separate roads for skiers and snowboarders of different skill levels. Children are not forgotten either. There is a special tubing area for them.

There are three types of trails: green, blue, and red. There are no black ones, but there is a snowboard park where you can take a break from "easy" slopes and practice conquering jumps and other obstacles. As for the ski lifts, there are 5 of them. Unlike the previous location, night skiing is available here. The slopes are lit up until 21:00.

If you like to stay up late, you should take care of your accommodation in advance. Unfortunately, there are no hotels on the territory of the complex. But there is good news: the base itself is located just 15 kilometers from Poltava. So it won't be difficult to find a place to stay. Eating places are easier to find as there are plenty of them. There will definitely be an opportunity to warm up.

Alternatives to the Carpathians: where else to ski and snowboard in Ukraine

Vodianyky, Cherkasy region

We have already mentioned this place when we told you about the old wooden windmills, which are very similar in design to the Dutch ones. Now let's take a closer look at the resort. The ski resort was established in 2009.

The sports and recreation center has three tracks of 450, 590, and 800 meters in length. There is also a snowboard park with several lines of jumps. For those who do not know how to ski or want to improve their skills, there is a ski school.

The location has a four-chair cable car and one drag lift. The ski slopes are open from 9:30 to 20:30. The season starts when the temperature drops to minus one. If there is no snow, it doesn't matter. There are snow cannons that will take care of the white slopes.

Alternatives to the Carpathians: where else to ski and snowboard in Ukraine

Vyshhora, Kyiv region

How can we not mention the capital? There's also a place where you can get off the high hills. And it's not so far from the city, just 18 kilometers away. There are also three trails here: one for skiers, one for snowboarders, and the last for snow tubing. By the way, if you think that there are no other entertainments here, you are mistaken. Here, you can rent snowmobiles, compete in jibbing, ride ATVs, and even play paintball.

The main advantage is that the resort opens even when the thermometer reads 10 degrees Celsius. During this period, snow generators take care of the snow. Another good news: there is free parking on the territory of the complex.

Alternatives to the Carpathians: where else to ski and snowboard in Ukraine

Borova, Kharkiv region

The official name of the base is Alpine Valley. There is probably not a single Kharkiv resident who doesn't love this place. It has everything you need for a ski vacation: steep slopes, drag lifts, equipment and tubing rental.

You can also ski in the evening as there is lighting on the track. For those who get cold, there is a catering facility where you can have a delicious meal and, of course, some warming drinks. By the way, schoolchildren and students have discounts on equipment and lift rentals.

It doesn't take long to get here as the location is just 17 kilometers from the city.

Alternatives to the Carpathians: where else to ski and snowboard in Ukraine

You don't have to go to Bukovel or Drahobrat to go skiing, conquer snowboarding jumps, or sled down a mountain. You can go to alternative resorts. You can still enjoy a ski vacation here even in the absence of real snow.

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