Alpine landscapes in Ukraine: top routes in the Carpathians

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Carpathians: tourist guide

The hutsul trembles, the nightingale sings - we are going on a journey to the peaks of Western Ukraine.

Polonyna Runa

The massif is covered with glades and mostly beech forests. Various plants grow here: asters, poppies, wild violets, and edelweiss. One can only imagine how colorful the pastures are here. By the way, the blueberry and lingonberry picking season begins in late summer.

In Soviet times, there was a military base and a radar station here. Travelers did not come here because the passage was guarded. Today, only ruins remain of the buildings.

At the top of the meadow, you can see Pikuy and the Slovak Beskydy. And not far away you can find the 24-meter high Vojvodyn waterfall.

The length of the path: 22-34 kilometers. Usually, it takes tourists from 5 to 14 hours to cover it.

There are two ways to get there: by car or on foot.

By the way, in summer it is very hot in the meadow, there is practically no shade. If you are planning a long hike, it is better to go in the cold season.

Alpine landscapes in Ukraine: top routes in the Carpathians

Nimchych Pass and Bukovinian waterfalls

This destination is perfect for beginners and families with children.

There are rocks and "stretched" stones along the road. There is a legend: the highlanders were looking for a quick way to get down from the peaks, so they poured boiling water on the sandstones. Such actions helped them to form passages-caves. However, in reality, these forms have changed due to tectonic cracks.

Length of the route: 8 kilometers.

Alpine landscapes in Ukraine: top routes in the Carpathians


The mountain offers a view of villages and towns, Hoverla with Petros, as well as Sinyak and Khomyak. The path is actually quite easy. Even children can overcome it. The direct ascent and descent takes about 4-5 hours.

Dovbush trail

The total time of the hike in both directions will be only 120 minutes. Here, travelers will find massive rocks, moss-covered paths, observation decks and ancient caves. Rumor has it that the gold of the "Hutsul Robin Hood" may still be stored here.

Pip Ivan of Chornohora

By the way, the name of the mountain comes from the winds that "sing" - that is, hum. Here, at the top, there is a former observatory. Its construction was completed in 1938. Previously, it housed a hotel and an astronomical tower. In total, the building had 43 rooms.

There are different ways to get around the site. Most often, tourists take the path from the villages of Dzembronia or Shybene, across Lake Mariichyka. If you start the journey early in the morning, you can reach the end point by lunchtime. You can also go up by bicycle, but you need to be properly trained.

You should carry your documents with you during the hike, as the border with Romania is not far away. And, of course, take clothes for any weather. Strong winds, rain, snow or hail are possible here.

Alpine landscapes in Ukraine: top routes in the Carpathians


A massif of gray-green stones formed by an ancient glacier. A popular destination for short hikes. Here you can meet the ancestors of modern forests. It seems as if this is the home of the Forest Nymph.

Be sure to bring hiking shoes and keep an eye on the weather. It is difficult to walk on slippery gregots in the rainy season. By the way, be prepared for a long journey. The time to overcome the rocky path is much longer.


It is said that Oleksa Dovbush himself is buried here. There are giant boulders up to 40 meters high scattered around this place. From the outside, they look like crystals.

There are two roads to the site:

  1. From the Zaroslyak recreation center, through the fabulous Nesamovyte Lake. This direction is suitable for a quiet walk.
  2. From the village of Bystrets through the Gadzhyna tract.

Here you can meet shepherds with sheep and horses. By the way, the blueberry season lasts from July to October.

Alpine landscapes in Ukraine: top routes in the Carpathians


Sharp slopes dotted with pink rhododendrons - shrubby plants. These flowers are the prototype of the red ruta from the famous Ukrainian song. By the way, you can find pieces of marble on the paths and in the rivers here, which is where the name comes from.

To get here, you need to ask for a hiking permit 10-14 days in advance. The peak is located on the border with Romania.

The best time for outdoor activities is spring. In May, crocuses bloom here, which often become a photo zone for travelers.

In summer, you can meet cows and sheep in the meadows.


If you are planning a long hike with tents, this peak can be reached in 2 days. There are much fewer people here, and nature surprises with its emerald fir and pine trees.

But be careful and watch out for weather changes. Strong winds often break on the mountain and it rains with thunderstorms.

Alpine landscapes in Ukraine: top routes in the Carpathians


Part of the way you can take a ski lift. The one-way trip takes about 20 minutes. At the top is the Suriya Tea House. Here you can drink Ivan tea, masala or coffee and taste handmade sweets.

The route is accompanied by incredible views and slopes. The berry season lasts from July to October.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are great and beautiful. Choose your direction, because the road invites you to travel!

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