Almost everyone does it: why you shouldn't store clothes in garbage bags

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Sometimes people use garbage bags to store seasonal clothes. This may seem like a logical way to protect them from dust or moths. Also, many people have a tradition of giving things to relatives or charitable organizations, and usually, such clothes are put in large, roomy, and convenient bags.

Experts warn that this habit does more harm than good. Why you shouldn't put clothes in garbage bags, experts told House Digest.

Why clothes should not be stored in bags

Storing clothes in a garbage bag can lead to mold or yellowing. So don't use plastic bags to store seasonal clothes, there are other ways to avoid a cluttered closet without ruining your clothes.

If you're moving or looking for an easy way to transport your clothes, trash, and plastic bags are an acceptable option – provided you remove and put things in the closet quickly.

Long-term storage will cause mold to form. The reason is obvious and simple: humidity and lack of air circulation.

How to get rid of mold

However, if the trouble has already happened, and mold has appeared on the clothes or the fibers have begun to turn yellow, there is a simple way to fix the situation. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water and soak your clothes for about 45 minutes before washing them in cold water and hanging them out to dry.

For stubborn stains, adding baking soda to the solution and gently brushing will help.

Where to store clothes

Instead of trash bags, buy plastic bins to store your clothes. To save space, consider plastic bins that can be slid under your bed.

When you have the right bins, make sure you don't overfill them. If the lid is not fully closed or the clothing container is not fully zipped, there is a risk of pests or moisture damaging your items. You can further protect your containers by lining them with linen sheets or placing silica gel sachets inside.

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