All References to Ukraine and its Occupation by the Russian Empire Removed: What's Wrong with the Russian Translation of Golda. Video

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The Russian translation of the movie "Golda" is very different from the Ukrainian and the original

At the end of January this year, the biographical drama Golda, about the life of the 4th Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, including the Yom Kippur War, was released worldwide. The prominent politician was born and lived in Kyiv until she was 8 years old, which was occupied by the Russian Empire at the time. Therefore, in the film, the main character often recalls her childhood in Ukraine and the cruelty of the Russians.

Interestingly, the Russian translation is very different from the original. As you might have guessed, the Russians removed any references to Ukraine and their aggression from the movie. This was noticed by the Mezha platform.

So, in the original, as well as in the Ukrainian translation, the dialogue between the main characters of the film, played by Helen Mirren and a great friend of Ukraine, Liev Schreiber, sounds like this:

– "If the Egyptians defeat us with Soviet weapons, what response will the free world give?

– The Russians are preparing 11 airborne divisions.

– When I was a child in Ukraine, they beat Jews to death in the streets for fun. But I'm not that little girl hiding in the basement anymore!

Meanwhile, the Russians offer their viewers the following translation:

- The conflict could have catastrophic consequences for the whole world.

- I remember my childhood well, hiding in the cellar and shivering with fear. But I am not that scared girl anymore.

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