Neural network began to draw a mysterious ghost woman in various paintings, turning them into nightmares

Yulia PoteriankoNews
The character named Loab has become a new horror meme

This year's art trend is the creation of paintings using neural networks, which even ordinary Internet users have been given access to. But the Swedish musician and artist known as Supercomposite has been using artificial intelligence to create images for some time now and has reached a rather creepy point in her work.

According to the Daily Star, a terrifyingly disfigured woman, whom the artist named Loab, began to appear in her paintings. She first appeared in April of this year when Supercomposite experimented with the negative coefficient query method. According to this method, the neural network generates an image that is the opposite of the description given to it. She asked it the name of the actor Marlon Brando and got something that looked like a logo with a castle and the name Digital Pntics.

When she asked the same neural network to draw something opposite to this picture, she expected to see Brando. Instead, she received an image of an elderly woman with an unhealthy blush on her cheeks and a heavy look.

Then Supercomposite started experimenting with abstract queries and the image of Loab, but the paintings began to turn out more and more eerie – with elements of horror, violence, and blood. And even when the heroine did not appear in the image directly, one could see her trace in the style and certain elements.

Loab often appears alone in the paintings, but it is also quite common to see her with children or toys. "A mother always looks after her children," the artist signed one of her works. She posts her paintings on her Twitter account. Some of them have to be covered with a plate about potentially shocking content. The artist admits that Loab began to scare her.

It is not clear what kind of neural network Supercomposite uses. She hinted that she was working with Stable Diffusion, although it could be Midjourney or DALL-E. At the same time, experts do not recommend working with neural networks that have a large word database, as the results can be unpredictable, including shocking or harmful. However, DALL-E is able to filter out certain queries through a system of filters, for example, it does not generate fake images with celebrities.

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