A map of the world without Russia was hung in a restaurant in Odesa: The network is delighted. Photo

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"Benedict" restaurant in Odesa is notable for a funny map on the wall

In the Odesa restaurant Benedikt, a wooden map of the world was hung up, with each country as a separate piece. Only the terrorist country, the Russian Federation, was removed from the whole picture.

The decision of the employees of the institution was liked not only by visitors, but also by network users who saw the photo. The relevant post appeared on the Facebook page of a deputy of the Odesa City Council (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The photo shows that the restaurant guests can enjoy their meals while looking at a map without Russia, which was hung on a brick wall in front of the tables.

The wooden pieces of different colors represented one or another country bordering on each other or located at a great distance. The picture, which is familiar to everyone, is missing only Russia, but Ukrainians liked it even more.

A wooden map of the world without Russia was hung in the Odesa restaurant Benedict

They jokingly began to ask where the "future colony of Ukraine" had gone and fantasize about resorts in the regions bordering Russia, because if the terrorist country were not on the map, it would be replaced by the ocean.

"The future Ukrainian colony has disappeared somewhere," "Nice sea in the east of Ukraine," "What a beautiful gray ocean," "Climate change is inevitable - those swamps are flooded with meltwater," "They just didn't mark the gas station, it happens," the messages read.

Ukrainians like the map without Russia

The comments also said that in one of the Odesa hotels back in 2019, the place where Russia was supposed to be on the map was replaced with the inscription "404". It is often used to point out a mistake and make fun of something.

Similar maps have been hanging in Odesa before

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Europe is also removing references to Russia from similar toys, puzzles, and maps. The son of Ukrainian traitor singer Povaliy noticed a similar map without Russia while walking with his child in a toy store.

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