A man moved to a five-star all-inclusive hotel in Turkey because it was "cheaper than living in the UK". Viral video

Briton moves to Turkish hotel because it's "cheaper than living in the UK"

The United Kingdom is famous for its high taxes, so a clever Englishman, Josh Kerr, decided to move to a five-star all-inclusive hotel in Turkey for a month, which cost him £6 less.

The 24-year-old Briton pays £950 for rent and all bills for an apartment in Manchester, while a hotel room with access to five swimming pools, food and drinks costs £944. Kerr announced his "move" to Antalya, Turkey, on TikTok.

"I'm not funny, but I'm paying £950 for rent, bills and city tax. Here you get breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks. What are we doing in England?" the blogger said.

He was motivated to take this step by a video by an American who said that staying at an all-inclusive hotel is cheaper than renting an apartment.

Since the hotel he chose does not open until March, the blogger had to rent a room at another hotel, but for the same price. Kerr has already spent his weekend on February 17-18 in Antalya. The blogger writes about every step of his "new" life on social media.

Kerr said he would continue to work to earn money to pay for the hotel. The advantage of his job as a creative strategist is the remote nature of his work, which allows him to be at work from another part of Europe. The only problem is the 3-hour time difference.

"My daily work schedule remains the same. In Turkey, it's only three hours later, so I hope no one calls at 5 p.m. UK time and here at 8 p.m. The hotel has Wi-Fi, which works almost everywhere in the complex, meaning that if I really wanted to, I could work from a sun lounger by the pool. There is a table in the room for any private calls, but I plan to work in the sun," he explained the details of his work.

In particular, in his comments, some Internet users noted that they had also gone on "trips" of this type for a month or more to other countries.

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