A flight attendant named the dirtiest place on an airplane: you might not even know it

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Flight attendant named the dirtiest place on the plane

Thousands of people around the world use air transportation services every day – some for leisure travel, others have to use air transport for work. However, many people have probably never thought about how clean and hygienic a flight can be.

Miami stewardess Brenda Orelus shared tips and ideas for travelers that may be useful during the flight. This was reported by Khaleej Times.

The first thing the stewardess asks to pay attention to and not to use this item during the flight is the pockets on the seat backs. She said that seatback pockets are even dirtier than toilets, seat cushions, or dining tables.

Brenda explains this by saying that seat back pockets are often not cleaned during airplane cleaning. At the same time, bathrooms are regularly washed and disinfected.

In addition, the flight attendant with nine years of experience advises against using toilet paper in airplane toilets. Brenda advises taking napkins with you to the restrooms and using them instead of toilet paper.

The stewardess also spoke about the behavior that can cause a passenger trouble during a flight. Thus, in no case should you use physical force against an airline employee, including the pilot and other crew members, as this may result in your being included in the list of persons who are banned from flying. She also advised the passenger to avoid threats of terrorist activity of any kind, as well as not to try to transport illegal items.

As a reminder, there are several ways to get a free upgrade to business class on flights. However, the chances of successful fulfillment of such a request are not always high, as airlines rarely provide free upgrades without certain conditions.

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