8 secret words and phrases that airplane passengers do not know

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Crew members have many code words.

Airline crews use special secret phrases in their work that are almost impossible for an ordinary passenger to understand. However, if you are interested in how the flight is going, they will come in handy.

Amanda Pleva, a flight attendant and author of the Crewed Talk column on Flyertalk.com, said that both pilots and flight attendants use code words to maintain calm and order in the cabin, The Sun reports.

Crew members can hide emergencies from airplane passengers using encrypted phrases

"We are specially trained to deal with emergencies, and panic can cause us to lose control of the situation and ultimately lead to injuries or death," Pleva says.

Patrick Smith, author of the book Cockpit Confidential, told more about code words on his website Ask The Pilot.

Some code words are almost impossible to understand

Code Adam. This code is used to report a missing child on board. The backstory refers to a toddler, Adam Walsh, who was kidnapped from a department store in 1981.

7500 indicates a threat of hijacking or that the plane has already been hijacked, 7600 means loss of communication with ground services, and 7700 means an emergency.

Last minute paperwork. The flight is delayed due to the organization of the flight log.

Air pocket. This is a turbulence zone.

Doors to arrival. The airplane is landing.

Flight attendants use code words to keep the peace on board

In addition, the Biletik portal has listed a few more code words used by crew members who often hide real information from passengers.

Blue juice. The toilet is out of order.

Code Red. This is an emergency on board: a breakdown or emergency landing.

Airplane crew uses secret words

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