5 easy steps to beautiful lips after 40: how to use lipliner properly

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5 simple steps to beautiful lips after 40

With age, lips lose their natural plumpness and elasticity. Wrinkles and age-related pigmentation can make them less attractive, but with the right cosmetics and application technique, you can visually correct imperfections.

In lip makeup, the main thing is not to visually make them smaller and accidentally emphasize small wrinkles. That's why the famous film and television makeup artist Kerrin Jackson shared tips to help women over 40 avoid mistakes and feel confident.

1. Highlighter and foundation

Before you apply the foundation, define and emphasize the shape of your lips with a thick foundation and highlighter.

2. Blending

Once you have defined the shape, blend the foundation and highlighter with a clean brush. This will create a smooth transition, make your lips look more defined, hide fine lines around the mouth, and make your skin look radiant.

3. Powder

If you're happy with how you've emphasized the shape of your lips, it's time to apply a small amount of light powder. This will set the tone around the mouth and allow you to apply lipstick evenly.

5 easy steps to beautiful lips after 40: how to use lipliner properly

4. Lip pencil

Take your favorite lip pencil and draw an outline inside the shape you've previously sketched.

5. Lipstick

Finally, fill in your lips with lipstick. The expert advises using nude shades and staying away from bright, dark, and cold colors as they will visually make your lips look thin.

Instead of lipstick, you can also use lip balm or gloss. However, in this case, you should first shade the outline you drew with a pencil.

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