10 mistakes when dyeing hair at home that almost all women make

Hair care specialist Maryna Vasylenko gave OBOZ.UA recommendations

Hair dyeing is a complicated process. Even buying a ready-made dye does not always provide an even and beautiful color. How not to harm your hair and at the same time get the best result if for some reason you decide to do everything at home?

In an exclusive commentary for OBOZ.UA, hair care specialist Maryna Vasylenko named 10 common mistakes that most women make when choosing self-dyeing. She also gave recommendations to those who want to understand all the nuances of the process.

10 mistakes when dyeing hair at home that almost all women make

10 mistakes when dyeing hair at home

  1. Buying household paint in mass markets, believing that professional paint is more expensive.
  2. Choosing the color of the paint by the image on the package.
  3. Changing the color when buying a new paint with a difference of 2 tones.
  4. Change of paint brand.
  5. Dividing the paint into two parts "by eye."
  6. Starting to apply the dye from the face, believing that it will dye the hair better.
  7. Pulling the paint along the length of the hair.
  8. Dyeing on wet hair in the presence of gray hair.
  9. Dyeing hair with household dye on freshly washed hair.
  10. Diluting the dye with shampoo or balm.
10 mistakes when dyeing hair at home that almost all women make

Recommendations for those who dye their hair themselves

  1. When choosing a color, use a palette by placing your hair against the hair in the card (not the ends, but the middle, as the ends are always darker or lighter than the bulk of your hair).
  2. Choose professional dyes that contain separate oxidizer and dye (professional stores will always help you choose the right color).
  3. Do not change the main color of the dye by more than 1 tone, it is better to stick to the same tone level. Change the shades if you want to change the color. For example, 5.32 (the first number is always the tone level, the numbers after the dot are the shade that can be changed).
  4. When applying the color, start with the face very carefully, without going to the previously colored parts of the hair because you darken the color with each subsequent coloring of the length. The hair around the face is thinner and it is more likely to turn darker. In addition, the percentage of oxidant and the exposure time also affect this process.
  5. Dark shades are almost never washed out by themselves. If you need to even out the color along the length, do it on damp hair with the remaining coloring mixture and keep it on for no more than 20 minutes. With blond hair, this option is better not to do at all. Repeated application of household dye to the lengths leads to permanent damage to the hair, which then leads to dryness, brittleness and loss of length.
  6. When dyeing your hair with home dyes, you should remember that they are more aggressive than professional ones. Therefore, you should not dye freshly washed hair to maintain a natural protective barrier. However, you should not apply the dye to dirty hair as well. It is best to do this the day after shampooing.
  7. Dyeing wet hair gives a less dense color, which can affect the quality of gray hair coloring. Therefore, this coloring is well suited for previously colored hair along the length.
  8. Dilution of the color with shampoo or balm is not recommended without knowledge of coloring. This disrupts the chemical process, and the paint may not work correctly.

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