Why you shouldn't leave a spoon in your teacup: the essence of a well-known superstition

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A number of omens are associated with spoons in folklore

Everyone knows that the spoon used to stir sugar should be removed from the cup before drinking tea or coffee. But have you ever delved into the essence of this superstition?

OBOZREVATEL has delved into the nuances of its origin and discusses other signs associated with spoons.

A spoon in tea could serve as a bridge through which evil spirits could enter the drink. In this case, the person who drinks it will encounter various troubles. Additionally, a spoon left in tea portends failure in business, which can only be overcome by eliminating a bad habit. If a spoon is left in a cup by an unmarried girl, it signifies that she will not be able to get married.

If the spoon falls off the table, it portends the imminent arrival of guests. To "cancel" the effect of the omen, you need to tap the fallen spoon on the floor.

However, you shouldn't tap the table with a spoon, as it could lead to a quarrel among those sitting at the table.

A found spoon portends different outcomes depending on the type of spoon and its condition. If you find this utensil in an unexpected place, it signifies profit. Two spoons found at the same time, especially a teaspoon, promise the creation of a family shortly. A silver spoon is undoubtedly a good sign, signifying prosperity and the end of financial problems. But you shouldn't pick up dirty or broken spoons, as such a find will not bring anything good.

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