Why you need a small button on the seat belt in a car: not everyone knows

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Small button on the seat belt in a car

Everyone should take responsibility for safety measures when traveling in a car. The most common way to protect yourself during a traffic accident is to use a seat belt. There is a special button on it, but unfortunately, not everyone knows what it is for.

A blogger under the nickname @epiccfacts posted an interesting video on the social network TikTok, where he went into more detail about this issue. According to him, most people consider such a button to be a design element.

The small button on your seatbelt is designed to stop the buckle from going past it. That is, it is a kind of limiter, thanks to which the metal buckle is always in the same place and does not slide down.

The button makes it easier to fasten and locks the belt in place. You can also adjust the length of the belt to ensure a comfortable position for your body.

This will not only create a favorable and safe travel environment, but also increase the driver's efficiency and confidence behind the wheel.

Do not neglect safety rules and take care of your comfort.

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