Who is the alien from the future? Solve the puzzle with ancient people

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One of the prehistoric people is betrayed by an object that could not have existed at that time

The life of ancient people was hardly pleasant. It was full of hard work and they had to rely on themselves to get by. It is unlikely that any of us would want to be in such conditions.

But one of the heroes of the puzzle published by OBOZ.UA seems to have found himself in such a situation. The puzzle picture depicts a scene from the life of primitive people, where everyone is busy with some kind of business. But one small detail gives away who came from the future.

Can you find an anachronism in this picture?

Such details are usually called anachronisms. In art and science, this word refers to something atypical or impossible in a certain period of time. For example, the image of a man riding a dinosaur is a typical anachronism, because humans appeared much later than dinosaurs became extinct.

But what is an anachronism in this picture? Try to focus and look closely at all the details of the image. Something here clearly does not come from the time when people dressed only in animal skins and worked with their bare hands. But can you find this mistake and identify the person who came from the future?

If you give up, here's a hint – look closely at the bearded man carrying water. In his hand, you can see nothing more than a battery-powered flashlight. This is an artifact that is absolutely impossible in prehistoric times.

An alien from the future holding a battery-powered flashlight

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