Which photos gather more likes on social networks: there are two main principles

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It is better to leave fewer objects in the photo than to overload it

nics with the right light balance and a minimum number of colors are doomed to success and an avalanche of likes on Instagram. Also, to become popular, it's better not to overload a photo with unnecessary objects.

To determine the main visual characteristics of a popular photo, researchers at North Carolina State University wrote a computer program that scanned more than 140,000 images available on Instagram. After analyzing them, the researchers identified two basic rules for successful photography.

The first is to find the balance of light and color, and the second is to make the picture either very simple or, conversely, complex.

Photos should not be overloaded with colors and objects.

They also identified six main features that attract users' attention and can increase the response rate by about 19%, while using a certain filter can increase it by only 3%.

  • Fewer colors in the photo
  • Brightness
  • Number of objects
  • Positioning balance
  • Disorderly placement of objects
  • Symmetry

Instagram is a social network where people share photo and video content. The main thing here is often visual content, not text.

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