Which microgreens are the easiest to grow at home: 11 options

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Microgreen is a great supplement to the diet, which is easy and interesting to grow yourself

Microgreen, or sprouts of edible plants, is gaining popularity. It is considered a superfood for its high concentration of nutrients, and chefs appreciate young greens for their unusual flavor notes that differ from those of an adult plant. Another advantage of microgreen is that you can grow it yourself on your windowsill. It does not take much time and effort.

You can buy a ready-made kit for growing, or you can sow the plant yourself on a coconut fiber mat or even on several layers of paper towels, water it, cover it with a transparent greenhouse and wait a few days. OBOZ.UA tells you which plants are best grown in this way.


Microgreen sunflower is one of the easiest to grow, and you will have to wait less than a week for the first harvest. Soak the raw seeds overnight before planting and make sure that the seeds are not lying on the growing surface close together. In a few days you will get sprouts with a pleasant nutty flavor.


This microgreen is suitable even for beginner gardeners. For the first three days, place the radish seeds in a dark place, and when most of them germinate, take them out to the windowsill. Harvest the radish microgreens when they reach 5-8 cm in height and the leaves are still round. It will add a sharp flavor to salad or hot dishes.


It will take less than two weeks to grow. Since they are large seeds, soak them before planting. Also, make sure that the growing surface remains moist, because peas need a lot of water to germinate. After the first harvest, do not throw away the roots and in a few days you will receive a second portion.


This is one of the most popular microgreens because wheat sprouts are rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as iron, magnesium and calcium. Rinse or soak the seeds, place them on a mat, wrap them in a thin layer of soil, or even just cover them with a wet cotton towel. You can harvest this microgreen as soon as the first sprouts hatch - in just 2-3 days. Or you can wait a little longer, when the wheat forms a full leaf, albeit a small one.


In addition to their flavor and nutritional properties, beetroot sprouts add an interesting look to dishes thanks to their bright purple color. Sprinkle the seeds generously on a growing surface and place it in the dark for five days. But make sure it has plenty of moisture. You can harvest them in 12-15 days.


This aromatic herb is characterized by a delicious flavor from the very first days after germination. It doesn't require any special conditions for germination - just sprinkle the seeds on a damp mat and cover with a greenhouse. In about 10 days, you can sprinkle fresh sprouts on your dishes to get that familiar taste.


Young broccoli has a bitter, fresh flavor and is rich in nutrients. You can cut the sprouts almost immediately after germination. This microgreen will be appropriate for all recipes that call for spinach.


Another easy-to-grow microgreen is arugula. It is recommended to place it in the dark for the first few days, but this is not necessary. The main thing is to spray the surface regularly to keep it moist, but not wet. When the sprouts reach about 5 cm in height, you can harvest.

Swiss chard

The plant can be sown as a single variety or as a mixture. Chard requires some skill and patience, as it is demanding on watering conditions. It is best suited for bottom watering, so as not to crush the tender sprouts with water. And you need to make sure that the substrate does not dry out in any way. You will have to wait up to 30 days for the harvest until the plant begins to outgrow its pot - then it will acquire the best taste and high nutritional qualities.


Carrot sprouts have a sweet, fresh flavor, but growing them will not be as easy as growing arugula. The tiny seeds should be scattered over the surface so that they do not touch each other. It will take 5-7 days to germinate in the dark. Water the carrots by spraying or placing the tray in a shallow container of water and letting the moisture soak in from below. You can harvest as soon as the first leaves appear. If you overexpose the carrots, they will become tough.

Japanese horseradish, also known as wasabi

This plant has a pungent flavor even in the early stages of development. But at the same time, the microgreen lacks the characteristic aftertaste inherent in the adult root that is eaten. Give the wasabi a few days to germinate in the dark. And harvest when the sprouts reach a height of 5 cm.

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