Where you shouldn't put a scratching post for cats: prohibited places in the apartment

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Nothing should stand in the way of a cat that has decided to take care of its claws.

A scratching and grooming device, also known as a scratching post, is a must-have accessory in a home with a cat. Unless, of course, you want your furniture to play this role.

But not every place in the apartment or house is suitable for scratching posts. The fact is that the process of using it for a feline is quite intimate. The cat should feel safe, have enough space to stretch out near the scratching post, and not be distracted by anything. OBOZREVATEL names the worst places to place a scratching post.

Near expensive equipment and fragile items

When grooming, a cat spares no effort, driving its claws in and out of the surface with all its might. So one unexpected movement of a tense paw and your expensive TV or crystal vase will fly to the floor. Are you ready for such damage? Or is it better to just put the scratching post in a safe corner?

In the kitchen

The kitchen is the centre of life in the house. Most of the time, someone is here, and the room constantly smells interesting and occasionally makes noise. It is simply impossible to concentrate on such an important process as claw cleaning in these conditions. And what if a pot lid falls and scares the cat? It is unlikely that he will ever want to use such a stressful scratching post again. It's better to use a sofa or armchair - they are more relaxed.

In the bedroom

The closer the scratching post is to your bed, the better you will hear your pet trying to keep their nails in order at night. If your sleep is good enough, you can take the risk. If not, it's better to choose another place for the cat's accessories.

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