When to transplant cyclamen: how to do it correctly so as not to harm

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For cyclamen to bloom well, it needs a timely and proper transplant

Cyclamen is one of those houseplants that give you a feeling of summer in the middle of winter, because it is during the cold months that its flowering period occurs. And it produces flowers for up to 8 weeks or even more. But to ensure the timely development of the buds, the flower needs to be properly cared for.

In particular, it is important to transplant cyclamen in time, because in a cramped pot it may not receive enough nutrition to maintain flowering. Therefore, OBOZ.UA asked experts for advice on how to properly provide the flower with comfortable conditions and how to transplant it without unnecessary stress.

How to care for cyclamen during flowering

The root of the flower is a corm, a short thickened stem in which it stores moisture and nutrients. This ability makes it easier to care for the plant - it tolerates missed watering or untimely fertilization. Still, it is important to take good care of cyclamen during flowering. Make sure that the soil is constantly moist, but not wet. For this, watering the flower through a tray is a good idea. Also, fertilize the soil with suitable substances every two weeks. Do not forget to remove yellowed leaves and wilted flowers from the flower in time.

To make the color of the flowers brighter and the flowering longer, provide the cyclamen with bright indirect light in winter. And avoid getting water on the leaves when watering - this can cause the plant to rot. For the same reason, it is better not to spray cyclamens, but to keep them in a tray of water so that the pot is above the water level and the moisture evaporates into the atmosphere around the flower.

How to transplant cyclamen correctly

Usually, the plant is moved to a new pot every two years. You can choose a ready-made soil mixture for cyclamen - universal or for flowering plants. But the pot should be 2-3 centimeters larger in diameter than the previous one. This will allow the flower to strengthen its root system, but will not force it to put too much effort into this process.

You can't transplant flowers during the flowering period, so wait until the plant has faded. Better yet, postpone the procedure until the summer months when cyclamen are dormant.

To move the plant to a new pot, carefully remove it from the old one and shake off any remaining soil from the roots. Do not rinse the corm, as this can be very damaging. Fill the new pot with a layer of drainage and fresh soil to a depth of 2-3 centimeters, and then place the cyclamen in it. Gradually add a little soil until the flower is fixed. However, the top of the corm should still be slightly above the level of the soil in the pot - you do not need to bury it completely.

Put the transplanted plant in a shady place without drafts and do not water it or water it very rarely until the end of summer. There is no need to feed the cyclamen during this period either. Start regular watering and fertilizing in September. The plant will quickly come out of dormancy and begin to produce new shoots, and will bloom profusely in winter.

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