What not to throw in the trash bin: things that are dangerous

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Waste such as batteries can do serious harm to the environment.

Sorting garbage is one of the main habits of those who care about the environment and our planet. For the same reasons it is important to know what should not be thrown in the trash, but only disposed of in the right way.

OBOZREVATEL tells which items should be recycled. And which ones should simply be disposed of in a different way.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries

Chemical compounds contained in batteries, batteries, or flash memory cards are leaking from the battery casing and directly into the ground and water. This is a highly toxic contaminant that does not decompose well and is very harmful to the environment. That is why all used batteries should not be thrown away, but collected and recycled. Find out where the nearest recycling center is located.

Light bulbs

Today's energy-saving light bulbs often contain mercury, a dangerous, toxic metal. They should be handed in well-packed for recycling so that they don't break on the road and the mercury doesn't get out. LED lamps need to be separated into parts made of different types of materials (plastic, metal, glass). In this form, they are also recyclable, so it is better to deliver them to recycling points.


All medicines, even the simplest ones, contain chemicals that can be dangerous. For example, antibiotics, once released into the environment, accelerate the development of resistance in microbes. Therefore, experts advise reviewing the contents of the home medicine cabinet once every six months and returning expired, unnecessary and simply unnecessary drugs to the appropriate collection point.

Household chemicals

Cleaners and detergents contain quite aggressive and harmful compounds, such as toxic chlorine or caustic acids. In large quantities they can be very dangerous. Therefore, expired detergents should not be thrown down the drain, but should be disposed of at a disposal facility.

Plastic bags

The bags we so generously wrap our purchases in do not biodegrade in nature. They can release toxic chemicals into the environment. Therefore, they must be recycled in a proper way. To do this, they should be taken to the appropriate recycling points.

Spray cans

The problem is not so much with the cans themselves as with their ability to explode. That is why under no circumstances should you pierce them in order to pour out their contents. This is very dangerous. The best way out is to take the empty or expired can to a recycling center.

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