What not to give on your birthday: things no one will like

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These gifts are unlikely to please the birthday person

The new year is a new cycle of birthdays. And you can start thinking about gifts for your nearest and dearest right now. For example, familiarize yourself with the recommendations of etiquette experts on what kind of gifts should not be made.

This list will help you not to make a mistake with the choice of gift neither in the coming year, nor in all subsequent years. OBOZ.UA will tell more about undesirable options that will not please anyone. However, if the birthday boy himself will ask for something of the following, boldly give it. No rules can be stronger than a person's personal desire.

Appearance aids

Anything that allows you to "improve" your appearance is considered taboo when it comes to gifting. Teeth whitening kits, hair dyes, self-tanner, etc. - all of these things will only hint to the person that they are not good enough. And that can really ruin the mood on your birthday. In addition, you can easily make the wrong choice.


Cosmetics - both care and decorative - for some reason are considered good gifts, although in fact they are not. The risk of making a mistake here is huge. You can easily miss with the shade, do not guess with the type of skin or hair, or even buy something that will cause allergies. If you are not 100% sure that this particular product will suit the birthday boy, it is better to limit yourself to a certificate to the appropriate store.


Another gift from the traditional list of successful gifts, which in fact often turns out to be a disappointment. Taste for fragrances is a very individual thing. And what you liked and on your skin revealed a wonderful bouquet, the birthday boy can only cause suffocation and headache. If you want to give perfume and do not know what kind - find out in advance what the birthday boy wants. Or take him to a perfume store or make him happy with a certificate. That way, the chances of making a mistake are nil.

Self-help books

Such literature can be really lifesaving, contain wonderful advice that will change a person's life for the better. But giving it as a birthday gift is a very bad idea. So you will hint to the birthday boy that his life is not going the way he would like, once again remind him of the problems. The choice of such books - a matter almost intimate. And not at all festive.

Hygiene products

Various deodorants, toothpastes, shower gels - this is part of our daily routine, things very ordinary, which are difficult to please. Even if it is a really expensive product. In addition, such a gift can be interpreted as a hint that the person does not have everything in order with personal hygiene.

A gym membership

And this is another gift with the wrong message. Moreover, besides hinting that it's time for the birthday boy to take care of himself, it violates his boundaries from the other side as well. To use it, a person will have to revise his schedule and figure out how to fit a few workouts a week into it, which can be an impossible task.

Earlier OBOZ.UA told about the scientist who researched how to choose and give gifts correctly to never make a mistake.

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