What not to do before a trip: folk omens

Omens will help avoid troubles. Source: Pixabay

Before an important trip, people try to plan everything carefully so that there are no unexpected surprises. Folk signs can help you avoid trouble and have a smooth trip.

People who believe in superstitions often perform a number of rituals to ensure the success of their journey. That's why OBOZREVATEL has gathered tips to help you avoid troubles.

Don't wash your hair on the same day as your trip.

According to ancient signs, washing your hair washes away protection against dark forces, taking away your good luck. Therefore, perform this procedure the day before your trip or after your arrival.

Never go back once you have already left the house.

Even if you have forgotten something, do not return home; it is considered a bad sign. Ancestors believed that the threshold was the boundary between the world of the dead and the living. When you leave the house, you are accompanied by positive energy, but when you return, it can make the spirits angry and bring you trouble.

Do not sew before traveling.

When you mend your clothes before leaving, it is believed that you are sewing up success and good luck, and instead attracting illness, quarrels, and financial difficulties. It's better to do this after you arrive or leave these things at home.

Take a photo of a loved one out of your wallet.

At first glance, a photo is just a memory of your loved ones, but it can lead to unpleasant consequences. Magicians can cast spells through a person's picture, so if you lose the photo or if a person with bad intentions sees it, it can bring bad luck to the person depicted in the photo. Therefore, it is better to leave the photo at home before traveling.

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