What is interesting about cruise ship tours: everything you need to know

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How to prepare for a cruise ship trip

Going on a cruise liner at sea is a dream come true. It's a lasting impression that will stay with you for years to come. Several countries, different cities, dinners overlooking the waves - what more could you ask for? OBOZREVATEL gathered all the information you need to know before you buy the cherished ticket.

How long the trip lasts

There are three types of sea tours:

  • Short-term - from a few hours to four days;
  • Medium term - up to 13 days;
  • Long-term - up to 2 months.

It is better to start with the first option to see if this type of vacation suits you. Some tourists encounter seasickness and other unpleasant symptoms on voyages. Also, those who have not had this kind of experience before, sometimes have panic attacks. For such cases, there are always medical professionals on board, ready to provide any assistance.

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What to do on the liner

There is a myth that on tourist ships there is nowhere to go but the cabin and the restaurant. Modern liners are arranged so that guests have enough entertainment. These are swimming pools, water parks, stores, spas, gyms, and game rooms. Ask your operator for the exact list of available services. But you certainly will not be bored on the trip.

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What you need to take with you on your trip

The list of things almost identical to the usual suitcase of the tourist. You should have with you:

  • clothing and footwear (light casual clothes, warm sweatshirt, bathing suit, evening attire, underwear, several pairs of shoes for the pool, restaurant and gym);
  • necessary gadgets and chargers (phone, laptop, camera, etc.)
  • a first aid kit with essential medicines and sunscreen with a high level of protection;
  • a small bag or backpack for excursions and city walks.

How you should dress on the liner

Each company specifies its own dress code. It does not, of course, have strict restrictions, but the basic rules should be observed. For example, on deck, you must wear normal casual clothing - casual. Go out of the cabin barefoot and in a bathing suit is prohibited. This attire is suitable for the pool and water park.

In the restaurant and official events should wear evening gowns and classic suits. The rules do not apply to visits to cafes, often present on ships for guests to have a quiet snack or lunch.

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How the tour goes

Each liner has its own order and rules. But in most cases they are similar. It is necessary to arrive a few hours in advance at the boarding place, having all the necessary documents listed on the ticket. The procedure of check-in will be almost the same as at the airports.

Most of the time the liner is at sea. Stops are made every few days so that tourists can walk around different cities and enjoy excursions. This is also done to allow time to rest from the road.

During the tour, guests are offered different entertainment activities. These can be shows, concerts, and even theatrical performances. But it is not necessary to go to them. You can make your own schedule and do what you like.

For children on the liners work circles and clubs of interest. Parents can relax while the kids play with animators and tutors.

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