Three reasons why men are willing to leave a woman

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Reasons important for divorce
Reasons important for divorce

I read the results of a survey on one of the women's forums on the topic: Men, why are you ready to leave your wife? I found the results interesting. It turns out that three factors were the most "explosive".

Factor one. A woman is lazy

Factor two. A woman is "brainwashed"

Factor three. A woman stutters about gifts

- The most interesting thing is that "lazy" did not refer to the lady's appearance, her age-related changes or unwillingness to develop - there is nothing wrong with that. Laziness was meant to refer to the poor domestic service of the husband/ gentleman. The wording, of course, sounded different. Men spoke of "not fulfilling their women's duties" or "not cleaning or cooking at home". But the general meaning can be understood.

A wife unwilling to take on the second shift was considered by some to be unfit for marriage. And the man would go in search of a woman who would be happy to "fulfill her genetic destiny." Apparently, in search of someone who has the "toilet cleaning gene," a "maternal instinct," and who "naturally" likes to get up to the stove after a hard day's work.

And you say figure, youth...

- The "blows your mind" factor is even more predictable. On the contrary, it means a persistent reminder of men's duties - repairs, repairing household appliances, and so on. Or simply an unwillingness to invest in the home. A wife who persistently reminded her husband that he also had to do something was also considered unsuitable for marriage. This is especially surprising, because we have just read that failure to fulfill one's duties towards a man is fraught with consequences, and a woman cannot just lie down on the couch.

- The third factor is still simple. Women who openly talked about material investments from their husbands were eliminated on the fly. Either because they were mercenary or because the man was not going to meet these requirements anyway.

The conclusion from this story is very simple. Many people still want women to be free, delicate and professional in their service. Almost like a Soviet clinic. That's when men won't disappear. True, then women will start disappearing. But that's another story entirely...

What reasons do you consider important for breaking up?

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