This winter car hack will end in tragedy: here is what you should never do

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Winter life hack for cars

Drivers who leave their cars outside in the winter often face a common problem when the glass freezes. In this case, you need to be careful not to spoil the coating and protect the car from scratches.

Most people use popular methods from the Internet that allow you to quickly defrost the glass, but no one thinks about the consequences. OBOZ.UA has found a life hack that should be avoided.

Hot water

Apparently, many drivers used to pour hot water on the windshield to save time. But sudden temperature changes are one of the most common reasons why cracks appear on the glass.

Although this is one of the fastest ways to defrost a car, it is dangerous and risky. Replacing the glass can be very expensive.

It's better to plan your day in advance and wake up early to use a special ice scraper to clean the glass. This way you won't damage the car.

Another blogger, @emmajameswellness, posted an interesting video on TikTok, where she shared a useful life hack that will help you defrost your car safely.

According to her, this method will instantly clear the necessary areas on the car of snow and ice. To do this, you need a bag of warm water.

Simply attach the bag to the required area and wipe it several times, and you will immediately see that the ice begins to melt.

In this case, there will be no sudden change in temperature and you will be able to clean the car without risk.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published four rules that will help you pull your car out of the snow if it gets stuck.

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