This is just junk! Top 7 things that are in every home, but should be in the trash

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You'd be surprised how much junk you've been keeping at home

One of the most common promises people make to themselves on New Year's Eve is to finally deal with the mess at home. But they don't fulfill it that often. In particular, because they don't know which side of the problem to approach. The scale of the clutter is frightening and it seems easier to ignore it than to deal with it.

However, there are many options for decluttering, among which you can choose the most comfortable for yourself. Today, OBOZ.UA talks about a tough list of 7 things that you can throw away or give away without hesitation, and this will greatly free up space in your home.

Expired food

We use our pantry or cupboards for food every day, but when was the last time you checked your food for expiration dates? Start by doing so. Next, throw away broken dishes and broken containers. Once you've gotten rid of everything that can't be cooked anymore, wipe down all the shelves to remove dirt and dust. You'll be surprised how much space you can free up. If you want, you can organize your cereals and seasonings in the same containers, which will further harmonize the kitchen space.

Receipts, bills, coupons, menus

When you clean up your kitchen, you may find a whole stack of old supermarket receipts, delivery service bills, shopping coupons, local restaurant menus, and so on. That is, papers you don't need. Sort them out. Those printed on thermal paper (receipts) should be thrown away. Plain paper can be recycled. And keep the really important ones. But their percentage will be very small.

Extra clothes

Holiday sales are often perceived as a good opportunity to replenish your wardrobe. But is there room for new clothes in your closet? Do you remember all the things in it? Take out all your clothes and set aside the ones you haven't worn in over a year, particularly because they don't fit you. You should give them away or resell them. Get rid of anything damaged or worn out. Do the same with your shoes. And try not to buy new clothes if you don't really need them.

Old postcards

Stacks of beautifully printed greeting cards are dead weight that only clutter up space. How often do you take them out to read them? Most likely, never. So, down with the sentiment - recycle all that cardboard.

Bedding you don't use

Sheets, duvet covers, and blankets that you don't use take up a huge amount of closet space. Donate them to charity if they're in good condition, or take worn-out ones to your local animal shelter to see if they can still be used.

Shopping bags and packages

You simply don't need everything in a bag of bags. If its size has become overwhelming, start using its contents for trash collection. Instead, get yourself 2-3 canvas shoppers to go shopping with. Believe me, they are both more convenient and environmentally friendly at the same time. They also don't accumulate clutter.

Expired medicines

Every home has this stock - blisters with 1-2 pills left after treatment, painkillers and cold remedies that are kept just in case, etc. A home first aid kit can remain untouched for years and collect all this junk. Get rid of everything that you don't need and that is past its expiration date. After all, such medicines are simply dangerous.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA talked about a method of decluttering called 10-10-10, which will not take much time and effort, but will help you quickly put things in order in the house.

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