They won't spoil for long: where to store cosmetics and skincare products

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Cosmetics don't like heat, ultraviolet light, and moisture

Cosmetics, whether they are for care or decoration, come into contact with our skin. If they deteriorate, it can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences in the form of rashes or inflammation. That's why it's important to know how to store cosmetics properly and where they shouldn't be stored.

OBOZREVATEL tells you where you shouldn't store cosmetics and where it is better to put them so that they do not spoil for a long time.

Remove products from the direct sunlight

Most makeup and skincare products keep well at room temperature if you don't expose them to direct sunlight. Sunlight accelerates product aging. Heat can destroy the active ingredients in the products. Therefore, they all need to be put in the shade. Shaded shelves or dressing tables are good places. Even better are closed cabinets and drawers where the sun doesn't get in at all.

Set aside a shelf in the refrigerator for cosmetics

Low temperatures keep not only food in good condition but can also extend the shelf life of some cosmetics. Some products can be more refreshing when kept in the refrigerator, such as eye creams. Experts recommend keeping products with retinol and vitamin C in the refrigerator, as these ingredients degrade more slowly in the cold. While nail polish may not clump in the refrigerator, shaking it before use can solve any potential flaking issues. Lipstick that has begun to melt can be restored to its original consistency by placing it in the refrigerator. However, it's advisable not to store it like this all the time, as the oils and waxes in its composition may separate under the influence of low temperatures.

Get rid of the bathroom vanity

Warm air and water vapor from your shower will not do your cosmetics any good. Water can condense on the surface of some cosmetics, causing mold. Therefore, it is better to move all powdered, loose, natural, and organic products to a dry place. The same applies to any tools for applying cosmetics, as they can start to grow mold if they are constantly wet. Before removing them from the bathroom, rinse them thoroughly and dry them outside the room.

Do not freeze cosmetics

Unlike the moderate cold in the refrigerator, temperatures below 0 Celsius are also harmful to cosmetics, similar to sunlight. Emulsions, such as lotions, creams, and conditioners, become very unstable if they are partially frozen and then allowed to thaw. It is better not to keep such products on windowsills in winter but to move them to a place where it is not cold.

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