The garden will sparkle with new colors: what to do in the countryside in winter

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Hilling trees with snow in winter will help protect them from frost

During the winter months, work in the garden does not stop. Their focus just changes a lot. Plant protection and preparation for waking up in the spring come to the fore.

OBOZ.UA has collected tips from professionals on what to look for in January. This will help you prepare your garden for spring and get lush greenery and colorful flowering without any extra effort.

Protect plants from frost

Freezing ground can damage the roots of even hardy trees, so make sure the trunk circle is protected. For example, do not remove snow from this area, and even shovel it towards the trees. It covers the soil with a protective layer. Also, make sure that the mulch remains in place. But it is better to shake off stuck-on snow from the branches so that they do not break under its weight. Gently shaking the lower ones will be enough, while the upper ones are best tapped lightly with a long stick, the end of which is wrapped in a cloth.

Prepare cuttings

If you want to propagate some types of trees and shrubs in your garden, you can try the cuttings method. It will allow you to save money because such seedlings do not cost anything. To ensure that the cuttings of garden plants are ready for planting when the weather warms up, it is better to prepare them in winter. Cut off the branches you want to use as material, treat them with a suitable rooting agent, and wrap the lower part with damp sphagnum. Store the cuttings in a moderately warm place and make sure that the sphagnum does not dry out completely. After a few weeks, roots should appear, which will develop and strengthen sufficiently by spring.

Take care of pest protection

Insects and pests are hibernating in winter, but other animals can encroach on your garden. For example, rats or rabbits that gnaw away at the bark, leaving the trees unprotected. To prevent this, you should wrap the trunks with a cloth. It is also a good idea to install rodent traps in the garden. If you have birds of prey, such as owls or falcons, living near your garden, leave some meat for them to visit and hunt mice at the same time.

Start preparing for spring sowing

You can start preparing seedlings for spring sowing as early as January. For example, buy seeds, containers, and all the necessary materials for germination. Make sure that the material is well preserved and in good condition – flowering and yield depend on it. It's also time to stock up on fertilizers so you don't have to buy them at the last minute.

Don't forget to plan your garden and flower beds in advance. Draw a plot on paper and think about where and what you will place. This way, you won't buy unnecessary seeds and seedlings, and you'll have a clear work plan that will help you save time.

Feed the birds

On the one hand, birds eat part of the fruit tree harvest. On the other hand, they protect the garden from insects, caterpillars, and other pests. Therefore, make it hospitable for birds even in the winter season. Install several feeders and fill them with seeds, nuts, fruits, and unsalted lard. Do not leave bread and crumbs for the birds – they do not digest them.

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