Super early tomatoes: what varieties to choose to get a quick harvest

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What varieties to choose to get a quick harvest

Tomatoes are grown in almost every garden in Ukraine. However, not all gardeners are ready to wait until the end of summer to enjoy fresh vegetables, so super-early varieties come to the rescue.

Early tomatoes do not have a rich flavor and aroma, because their main advantage is their rapid growth. But having a slightly sour harvest is better than having none, so Floristics Info has shared a selection of super early tomato varieties.

If you grow such plants in seedlings, they will start bearing fruit before the beginning of summer.

When choosing and buying seeds, keep in mind that the characteristics such as "early ripe" or "mid-ripe" indicated on the package are not always true.

Ultra early determinant (stunted) tomatoes

  • Hybrid Solerosso

It is worth growing this tomato variety under a film coating. The growing season is usually 90-95 days, but the fruits can be expected at the end of May.

  • Namib hybrid

Namib tomatoes can be sown in open ground, but if you use the seedling method, you can get fruits in early June.

  • Donald hybrid

Tomatoes Donald usually ripens within 80-95 days, but if you plant seedlings in open ground in the first decade of April, you will get a harvest by the end of May.

  • Bagheera

This variety is quite resistant to disease, so you can easily get an early and abundant harvest with it. It is suitable for both open ground and film greenhouses.

Ultra early indeterminate (tall) tomatoes

  • Hummingbird hybrid

If you grow this variety in a greenhouse, the tomatoes begin to ripen on the seventy-fifth day after germination. This is approximately the end of May or the beginning of June.

  • Hybrids of Mamston and Manusa

This variety ripens later than the previous one, but about 45-50 days after planting seedlings, you can count on the first harvest.

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