Summer vacation in Greece: 5 best resorts in 2023

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Popular resorts in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular countries for summer vacations. The local islands mesmerize with incredible beaches, beautiful restaurants, many historical locations and a significant choice of entertainment. However, there are so many resorts to choose from that it's hard to pick one perfect one. Let's tell you a little more about the best of them.


This resort is perfect for your romantic getaway. White-washed houses, chaotically arranged on the mountainside above the Aegean Sea, are what awaits you on this island.

And that's not all. The resort will please you not only with luxurious beaches and magical villas. There are thermal springs here, which make vacationing in this region even more interesting. In addition, here, as in many other parts of Greece, there are quite a lot of historical locations where you can go on an excursion.

Start your acquaintance with the island from its capital city of Fira. Here you will see churches with blue domes, narrow streets between white cubic houses, lots of greenery and beautiful coastline.

Next you should drive to the volcanic crater Caldera, in the middle of which you will see two islands. Stop by there too to soak in the thermal springs.

If you love history, visit the ancient city of Akrotiri, or rather what remains of it after the volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC. Here you can see that even in ancient times Santorini was a prosperous island, living from trade and shipping.

In general, you will not be bored at this resort. There are a lot of beautiful locations and interesting entertainment.

Summer vacation in Greece: 5 best resorts in 2023


If you are looking for a resort with a vibrant nightlife, then you need to visit Mykonos. All summer long, all kinds of parties take place here. DJs from all over the world come here to put on an amazing show.

The popularity of the island began in the 70s of the last century, when bars and nightclubs began to open en masse. Back then, hippies came here, but now Mykonos attracts all lovers of fun.

Most parties are traditionally scheduled for August. It is at this time that thousands of tourists come to the island. Local restaurants, pubs, beach bars and cabarets play music until morning, so those who are looking for silence will not be comfortable here.

Summer vacation in Greece: 5 best resorts in 2023


Almost all the islands of Greece boast beautiful beaches. But it is on Milos where the best of them are located. This resort is suitable for those who want to spend the whole vacation lying on a comfortable lounge chair and enjoying the sea views.

In total, you will find more than 70 beaches on the island. All of them have their own peculiarities. Some boast luxury villas and restaurants, while others have caves and good hiking trails.

If you want to diversify your vacation, then go on a trip around the resort by renting a moped or bicycle. First of all, you should visit the active capital of the island - the town of Plaka. It is impossible to reach it by car, because it is located in the mountainous area. No less interesting will be a walk around Adamas, which until quite recently played the role of the main settlement of Milos.

If that's not enough, book a tour of the local catacombs, but be warned that it's very scary. According to historians, more than 2 thousand Christians were buried in these underground passages.

Summer vacation in Greece: 5 best resorts in 2023


If you think that Greece can offer tourists only beaches and excursions to historical sites, then Epirus will definitely surprise you. This picturesque island is not very popular among foreigners, because there are not so many hotels, villas and beaches here.

However, here you can enjoy mountainous landscapes, fast rivers, hidden lakes, rocky canyons... It is a real paradise for lovers of long hikes.

In addition, it is possible to raft on one of the rivers here. This is a wonderful adventure for lovers of extreme entertainment.

And there are many camping areas, which have everything you need for your comfortable vacation: from tent rentals to cooking services.

Summer vacation in Greece: 5 best resorts in 2023


If you are planning a varied family vacation or want to relax in Greece with friends, go to Rhodes. This island has so many attractions that you will definitely not be bored.

Of course, there are beautiful beaches, restaurants with delicious seafood dishes, hotels with panoramic windows. But all of this takes a back seat to the whole medieval city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To walk all the hidden streets of this open-air museum, hire a state-licensed guide. He or she will take you to places where ordinary tourists don't actually go. This will allow you to learn as much as possible about medieval Rhodes.

Summer vacation in Greece: 5 best resorts in 2023

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