Quick cleaning hacks: how to easily do things that are always put off for later now

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Sparkling shower, clean blinds and no dust

Not everyone enjoys cleaning, and there are some types of housework that almost everyone tries to put off until later. For example, spring cleaning in the shower or cleaning the blinds.

The Irish Examiner has compiled three life hacks that will greatly simplify household chores. You will no longer have problems with cleanliness in the shower, on the windows, and in the most remote corners.

Dish brush in the shower

A brush with a reservoir, which is usually used for dishes, will help you to deal with plaque and stains in the shower. The detergent is poured directly into the brush, which can be squeezed out using a dispenser during the washing process. If you pour dishwashing liquid into such a brush, it will help to wipe off dried foam stains in the shower. And white vinegar will cope well with limescale stains on plumbing, tiles and glass. The main thing is not to use it on cement grout between tiles and natural marble as vinegar can damage them. Regular cleaning with such a brush will help you easily maintain a sparkling clean bathroom.

Kitchen tongs and blinds

Blinds provide good protection from the sun and views from the street. However, they collect dust. This applies to both horizontal and vertical systems. You can easily clean them with kitchen tongs used to stir a salad or spread spaghetti. Wrap the ends of the tongs with a damp, soft cloth. Ideally, a microfiber cloth, but you can use any other material. Now grab one slat of the blinds with the tongs and slide them along. Rinse the cloth as needed. If you don't have kitchen tongs, you can also clean the blinds with a cotton sock.

Vacuum cleaner is not just for floors

Vacuum cleaners have made our lives so much easier by eliminating the need to sweep dust from corners. Not everyone realizes that they can also help with cleaning the far corners of cabinets, shelves, and other furniture. The vacuum cleaner's hose can even reach the tops of tall furniture. You can also use this appliance to clean and freshen mattresses. To do this, sprinkle a little baking soda on the surface of the mattress and vacuum it up in an hour. You can use the same method to take care of pillows, sofas, and armchairs. Just remember to use a special nozzle for furniture, not for the floor. The same nozzle is also suitable for cleaning lampshades and books. The biggest fans of cleanliness can even have a special mini-vacuum cleaner with a corresponding set of brushes for such cases.

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