Number of MiG-29 fighters that Germany allowed Poland to supply to Ukraine has become known

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The MiG-29 fighter is designed to destroy the enemy

The German government has officially confirmed that it has approved Poland's re-export application for the transfer of MiG-29 aircraft. Ukraine is expected to receive five fourth-generation multi-role fighters.

This statement was made by German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius. This was reported by the press service of the German government.

"I am pleased to inform you that we can promise our Polish partners the delivery of five MiG-29s from the former NVA stocks to Ukraine. We received the application only today. I welcome the fact that we in the federal government have come to this decision together. It shows that Germany can be relied on!" - Pistorius said.

It is worth noting that Germany had long rejected the possibility of supplying the Ukrainian army with fighter jets, but on April 13 it made concessions.

The MiG-29 fighter jet is designed to destroy all types of air targets with guided missiles and onboard gun fire in simple and complex meteorological conditions in free space and against the ground, including in conditions of obstacles, as well as to destroy ground targets using unguided munitions in visual visibility.

On April 13, it became known that Poland had asked the German government for permission to supply MiG-29 combat aircraft to Ukraine. These were fighters from the old stocks that Germany had transferred to Poland in the past.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Polish President Andrzej Duda had previously spoken about Warsaw's readiness to transfer MiG-29s as part of an international coalition. According to him, Poland still has "a dozen MiG-29s" received from the GDR army. They will be replaced by modern FA-50s from South Korea and American F-35s.

On April 3, it became known that the first MiG-29s had been delivered to Ukraine from Poland. Supposedly, Kyiv received four aircraft.

The spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuriy Ihnat, said that the additional MiGs would provide a supply of spare parts and even help Ukrainian aviation in small numbers.

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