No need for store-bought fertilizers: How to quickly feed your houseplants

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House plants need care and periodic feeding. It is also important to pay attention to proper watering, optimum light levels, and the pruning of dry shoots.

You can use improvised ingredients as fertilizer for houseplants. These are ecological and simple products which will effectively stimulate growth and flowering. If you can fertilize houseplants with coffee grounds and why the flowers will be useful garlic - read in the article OBOZREVATEL.

How to make a fertilizer from coffee grounds

Coffee grounds fertilizer will be useful for houseplants, but it should be used carefully. An excessive amount of coffee can damage the roots.

After collecting coffee grounds from a cup, you should put them to dry for a few days. Then apply it in a thin layer on the surface of the soil around the plants and moisten it with water so that the coffee dissolves. You can do such feeding once every few weeks.

Tea brew as fertiliser.

As a fertilizer, not a bagged brew, but the remnants of leaves after brewing tea will be suitable. They are poured with water, give time to infuse and cool to room temperature. Water the houseplants with the brew twice a month.

How to prepare potato broth

Potato decoction will accelerate the growth of the plant, because it contains nutrients necessary for active development. To prepare the decoction is very simple:

  1. We cut 1-2 tubers into cubes and boil them in water (optimally - 2 liters) for 30 minutes.
  2. Strain the decoction and wait until it cools.
  3. Dilute the decoction with water in the ratio of 1:3.

Water the plants no more than once a week.

Garlic dressing

Garlic has antifungal and antimicrobial properties and can be useful as a fertilizer for houseplants.

  1. You need to take 2 cloves of garlic and pour a liter of water over them.
  2. We put in a dark place and insist for a day.
  3. After infusion the solution should be diluted with water in the proportion 1:5. It is important that the fertilizer is not too concentrated. Too often you should not use garlic fertilizer, once every 1-2 months is enough.

Eggshell fertilizer

There are several options for preparing such a fertilizer. The first and easiest: we grind the eggshells into a powder state and sprinkle the soil around the plant with it.

The shells contain calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are useful for improving the immunity and healthy development of the plant.

Another way to use the shells is to make a solution out of them:

  1. Pour hot water over the eggshells.
  2. Let the solution stand for three days.
  3. Water the flowers no more than once a week.

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