Lucky signs of the year: which signs will shine in the Year of the Dragon

The Green Dragon brings with it growth and prosperity, but some signs will be more fortunate than others

Chinese New Year does not come at the same time as the calendar year. Every year, its date changes because it is determined by the phases of the moon. According to the Chinese calendar, 2024 will be marked by the Green (Wooden) Dragon, and it will come into its own on February 10.

Astrologers say that the Dragon, as the symbol of the year, symbolizes power, prosperity, luck, honor, and success. This year it will be associated with the element of wood, which also symbolizes growth and development. Read on to find out what this combination will bring to each of the signs of the eastern zodiac.

The following signs will be the most lucky: Monkey, Rooster, Pig.

Bulls, Goats, Rabbits, and Dogs will also be lucky.


Your career and social relationships may get a new impetus. Pay attention to your ability to adapt to the conditions and cunning - they will benefit you this year.


You can achieve financial success and stability. Set long-term goals and plan investments.


The year may be challenging, but your resilience and determination will help you overcome obstacles. Consider attending to your mental well-being and introspection.


The year brings positive things in love and creative life. Pay special attention to artistic expression and exploring your own emotions.


This is a special year for you. Do not give up your leadership positions. But don't forget about self-reflection.


Your relationships can achieve remarkable stability, and you have significant personal growth ahead of you. The key for you will be the ability to be patient.


The year gives you opportunities for professional growth and social activity. Collaboration will benefit you.


In your relationships, you will achieve spiritual prosperity and balance. Gratitude and compassion for your partner will be very important.


Problems can haunt you all year long. But with adaptability and determination, you will find effective solutions. Cultivate your self-confidence.


Career growth and public recognition await you. Effective communication is key to achieving your goals.


Significant changes in your family and career are possible. Try to be flexible and patient in everything.


You will find financial stability and moments of joy in your personal life. Gratitude and a sense of satisfaction with what you have will be the key to success.

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