Keeping the natural scent alive: how to make your home smell good without using chemicals

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Top life hacks for freshness at home

A pleasant scent creates a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the home. Some fragranced products hide unwanted odours, but the air in the room will be filled with persistent chemical fumes that can cause headaches.

Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find effective ways to maintain a fresh and clean smell in the room. Apartment therapy magazine has told you how to make your home smell good without using chemicals.

Essential oils

These are natural essences that will quickly and effectively get rid of the unpleasant smell in your home. According to one version, essential oils have medicinal properties, which is why they are often used in aromatherapy.

Experts advise choosing an oil with the scent of lemon, orange or grapefruit. By the way, citrus aromas of essential oils can be mixed with vinegar when cleaning. The oils neutralise the pungent smell of vinegar. Having prepared such a solution, you can wash the floor and other surfaces in the room.

Avoid bleach

When cleaning, avoid products that contain bleach or have a chemical scent. Such products can even cause allergies. If you must use strong-smelling products, make sure to open a few windows to ensure proper ventilation.

Stick to a cleaning routine

Regular cleaning is the key to avoiding persistent odour. Of course, if you leave dirty dishes overnight and take out the garbage once a week, the room will not smell fresh.

Indoor plants

Experts advise choosing the following houseplants:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Geranium
  • Hoya
  • Cuban oregano
  • Gardenia

Fresh herbs or a bouquet of flowers will also fill the house with a pleasant smell. But don't water the plants too much, or the smell in the room will become musty.

Try an air purifier

An air purifier can help remove allergens and pollutants. Your home will smell fresh and clean.

Life hack with baking soda

Baking soda naturally absorbs and neutralises odours. Karina Toner, Operations Manager of Spekless Cleaning, suggests simply pouring baking soda into a bowl or jar in the room, putting it in the fridge or at the bottom of the bin. Or sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming. It will absorb unpleasant odours.

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