It will save plants from diseases: how to make all-purpose Chinese fertilizer for flowers

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How to fertilize plants in winter

In winter, indoor plants need special care. Sudden changes in temperature, drafts, and insufficient sunlight can negatively affect the growth and formation of flower stalks.

In addition, in cold weather, plants are more susceptible to various diseases. For example, condensation on the windows can increase the humidity level, and fungal spores will appear on the flowers standing on the windowsills. OBOZ.UA tells you about an all-purpose Chinese fertilizer that will save your flowers from all diseases in winter and saturate them with nutrients.

Nut fertilizer

Walnut-based fertilizer is easy to prepare. The decoction will saturate the plants with vitamins, nutrients, and micro- and macroelements that are necessary during the cold season.

The tincture will also saturate the flowers with zinc and iodine, elements plants lack in winter. A number of obvious signs indicate the need for fertilization:

  • flowers begin to wither;
  • growth stops;
  • leaves turn yellow;
  • flower stalks fall off, etc.

How to prepare

To prepare the fertilizer, you will need nuts in their shells and water.

  1. Boil 1.5 liters of water in a saucepan and add 25 walnuts to the container.
  2. Boil the nuts for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Cool the tincture and dilute it with one liter of plain water.

The nut fertilizer should be applied under the root once every seven days. Seedlings should be fed in this way no more than once every 1.5 weeks.

Gardeners often use walnut shells as mulch. You can also burn the shells, and sprinkle the resulting ash on the plants at the root in the spring.

Experts also advise spreading walnut shells in the garden in the spring. It will gradually decompose naturally and saturate the garden with useful substances that plants need.

The shell will be a great addition to the substrate for orchids, so the flowers will grow faster and better and bloom longer.

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