How to wash curtains so that you don't have to iron them: simple tips

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How to wash curtains

Owners often avoid washing curtains because it is a long process that requires a lot of time and effort. After cleaning, they must be ironed because the neat appearance of the curtains significantly affects the cozy atmosphere in the house.

OBOZ.UA has found simple tips that will help you quickly cope with this. You do not need to buy additional devices or special products.


After you have removed the curtains from the curtain rod, shake them well in the fresh air. This will help get rid of dust and dirt.

Put the curtains in the washing machine and turn on the appropriate mode. Usually, housewives use the hand or delicate wash mode. Add soft gel in a small amount. Avoid aggressive chemical solutions as they have a negative effect on the fabric.

Curtains with decorative embroidery or additional elements should be washed in a special bag that will protect the material from damage. To prevent the fabric from losing its shape and color, do not put other clothes in the drum.

After removing the curtains from the machine, be sure to shake them and hang them up evenly, avoiding creases. This way, the material will not deform and will not need to be ironed after it is completely dry.

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