How to soften the heels of leather shoes: safe your feet from rubbing

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New shoes can often rub your feet

Often, new leather shoes annoy their owners by rubbing the skin of the foot. And in many cases, the problem is caused by a hard heel or too rough seams.

Fortunately, it's not that difficult to "tame" them. Simple tools at hand will help with this, which can soften the problematic part. OBOZ.UA publishes several effective recipes.

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is known for its emollient properties. It makes even very rough skin more pliable and tender. All you need to do to take advantage of its benefits is to rub the problematic seams of your shoes thoroughly, especially the heel. Use a cotton pad to work the product deep into the leather and leave it on overnight. You will feel the difference in the morning.

Castor oil

Another vegetable fat that can cope with even the most stubborn skin. A double treatment will help with this. Pour a few drops on a cotton pad and apply it to the seams, rubbing it thoroughly to get it into the smallest holes. Let the product work for an hour, collect the remnants and repeat the treatment. Finally, blot the shoes from the oil and polish the areas well with a soft cloth. The seams should become much more pliable.


Glycerin can not only soften shoes but also protect them from moisture and dust. Treat the entire surface of the pair outside and gently apply it to the seams inside with a cotton swab. After 30 minutes, remove the residue and polish the steam. After this treatment, it will shine like new and become much more comfortable.


To make problem areas of your boots less rough, you can treat them with warm beeswax. Melt a little in a water bath and apply a drop or two to the area that is causing you discomfort. The stitch should soon become much softer. To simplify the task, you can simply rub the seam with a candle (the main thing is not to take the one with stearin) and warm it with a hairdryer at a not-very-high temperature.

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