How to look slimmer with the help of colour: 5 life hacks for visual body shaping. Photo.

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Use the principle of the colour vertical

With the help of clothes, you can either add a few kilograms to your body or slim down a few sizes. To look slimmer, you need to use a colour vertical in your outfit, i.e. things that are similar in shade. A strong contrast in the tones of the top and bottom will divide your figure in half, which will make your appearance heavier.

On Instagram, stylist Tatiana Golota shared several techniques for visual body shaping called colour correction. With the right palette of shades for your outfit, you can look toned and sophisticated (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

1. Do not violate the proportions of the body. A white top and a dark high-waisted bottom will make your torso look too short and your legs too long.


2. The combination of light top + dark bottom + bright shoes will make you look shorter and denser. But if you put on colourful sneakers and the same bright sweater (it is not necessary to choose the same shade, you can take a close colour), we will maintain the colour vertical in the image.


3. The combination of dark top + dark shoes + dark outerwear + light jeans is also unsuccessful. You will break the vertical and add a few kilos. But if you create a dark and light vertical (as shown in the photo below), the situation will improve.


4. There is a division into warm and cold shades. For example, emerald is a cold colour, and moss green is a warm colour. Stylists say that clothes made of cold colours will help to slim the figure.


5. An image in one colour is ideal to make you look more graceful. The shades can be different, but the main colour is the same. Use close tones of blue and blue, different variations of yellow, beige and brown. The slimming and elongating effect is achieved by not having sharp transitions in the palette.


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