How to hide cords and wires: interior solutions

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How to hide cords and wires: interior solutions

Creating an interior like the one in the picture is always hampered by a few elements of the lived-in space. These include, for example, colorful book covers on the shelves, colorful jars of personal and household care products, and, of course, the ubiquitous cables. Cords make cleaning difficult because they collect a lot of dust and create a feeling of complete chaos in the room.

This problem is unlikely to be completely solved, but designers have some tips on how to minimize it. OBOZ.UA tells about their life hacks.

Think about camouflage elements at the repair stage

When planning a home renovation, think ahead in all the details of how you will place appliances and sockets. This will help you understand where you can lay boxes or channels for cables. You will simply pass all the wires through walls and they will not be visible. In addition, this will protect them from children and pets. However, such elements can also be installed after the renovation, but it will be a bit more difficult because you will have to decide how to lay the cable channel taking into account the already existing situation.

Use wall mounts

You can buy special cable brackets that are mounted on the wall in hardware stores. They are quite inexpensive. Install the number of such brackets you need and run the cables through them. It's best to do this behind furniture, but in such a way that there is space between the back of the chest of drawers or cabinet and the cable. The wire should not be pinched as this is dangerous. If you can't use staples, secure the wires with masking tape, for example, as it doesn't stain the wall. However, this solution will be temporary and the pieces of tape will have to be replaced periodically.

Group wires with ties or electrical tape

To keep cables from creating chaos and intertwining, you can bundle them with cable ties or electrical tape. Group together wires that go in the same direction and to the same group of outlets, and then secure them to the wall. They won't look like a den of snakes anymore.

Take care of safety

Always remember that electrical wires are a source of increased danger. When organizing them, make sure that they are not too tightly compressed and do not twist or bend the cables. This can cause damage and even short circuits. Never hide electrical cords under the carpet or place flammable objects near outlets. And do not interfere with the electrical wiring of the house yourself: put in order the cables to the equipment only.

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