How to grow a coffee tree at home: simple instructions

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How to grow a coffee tree at home

A coffee tree is an exotic plant that will decorate your home and fill it with a fragrant aroma. The culture has about 40 species, the most famous are Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excellence, but you can grow Arabica at home.

OBOZ.UA has found simple tips to help you do it. With good care, the coffee tree grows up to two meters.


This is an easy way to plant a crop. A tree grown from seeds does not require special crown formation. But you will get the first fruits only in the third year of growth. To do this, you will need coffee berries. Peel them and rinse them well with water, then make a weak solution of potassium permanganate and soak the seeds in it for half an hour.

You can plant the seeds in a plastic tray or bucket with a lid, or directly in a pot, which you will need to cover with foil to create a greenhouse effect.

Buy soil with a minimal acid content, for example, a mixture for growing lemons is suitable. Mix the soil with sand in a one-to-one ratio. Make a layer of drainage at the bottom of the pot, fill in the soil, and place the seeds flat, but do not bury them. Pour warm water over everything and cover with plastic wrap or a lid.

The optimum temperature for germination is +25 degrees Celsius. The first sprouts will appear in about a month and a half, and the first fruits in 3-4 years.

Open the pot twice a week and moisten the soil. In winter, choose a cozy and warm place without drafts so as not to harm the plant.

To prevent pests and diseases, spray the tree with settled water and apply fertilizers for citrus trees, but reduce the dose.

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