How to dress in winter to always be warm: life-saving rules

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Properly assembled layered clothing retains heat best

The weather forecast shows that cold weather is coming. This means that you will have to keep warm every time you go out to avoid catching a cold and freezing your fingers or ears.

Survival experts say that in such cases, properly assembled layered clothing is the best way to save the day. This approach allows you to retain heat more effectively than using a small number of very warm clothes. And it is more flexible if you have to go outside and return indoors several times. OBOZ.UA tells you how to create a layered outfit for cold days.

Jacket + vest or sweater

It is not necessary to wear a heavy jacket with a thick layer of insulation in the cold. A combination of a relatively light down jacket with a thin down vest, sweater or insulated hoodie will keep you much warmer. You can also wear a long-sleeved tee under the sweater, which will be even better. The two lower layers will form a thermal barrier around the body, and the jacket will retain this heat.

The main rule for creating such an outfit is to choose denser, more tight-fitting undergarments, and put on something more spacious and voluminous on top. A good example of a really warm outfit looks like this: a cotton T-shirt, followed by a golf shirt, a hooded hoodie insulated with a pile and a lightweight down jacket. To maximize the warmth of this outfit, you can also wear a down vest between the hoodie and jacket. It can also be worn over the jacket, but in this case, remember that wet down is not warm, and do not form your clothes in wet weather.

Leggings or underpants are not a shame

For some reason, it is believed that wearing leggings or underpants under your pants is a bit embarrassing. They say that these are clothes for old and sick people. However, those who often go outdoors in winter will disagree. Leggings from a set of thermal underwear or underpants worn under jeans or ski pants retain a huge amount of heat. Running tights, leggings, and even regular tights are also suitable. Pay attention to fleece-lined options - they are the warmest.

Gloves + mittens

Fingers and toes are the first to suffer from hypothermia. That's why it's so important to keep your hands and feet warm. Layering will also work here. For example, you can wear thin knitted gloves and warm woolen mittens on top of them. There are also special heating pads for the extremities. Any way to keep your hands warm will do.

It is important to choose shoes for winter that are waterproof and loose enough. You should be able to put a warm sock or two inside the pair.

Face mask

Ever since the pandemic, we remember how warm your face can be under a protective mask. Feel free to recall this experience on frosty days, because the face is the only part of the body that we don't cover in the cold, and it's a shame. It's better to choose a textile version rather than a disposable medical mask, as it warms rather poorly. You can put them on top of each other in layers to make it even warmer. If you don't have a mask, pull a scarf, shawl, or buff over your nose.

A hat may not be enough

You need to wear a hat in the cold. This is an ironclad rule. Your ears freeze even faster than your fingers, so you need to keep them warm. But a simple hat may not be enough. Therefore, it is recommended to tie a scarf over your head or wear a headband that covers your ears. In extreme cases, even a bandana or large over-ear headphones will do. If you're using headphones for listening to music, make sure they are suitable for use in cold temperatures, and if so, enjoy your favorite tracks while protecting your ears.

Start with warmth

As you know, athletes always warm up their bodies before training. And this is not only to make your muscles more flexible, it also allows you to properly distribute body heat. The same technique can also help before a winter walk that is not related to training. Do a light warm-up before you go out to warm up your body. And be sure to button up all your layers before taking even one step toward the street. This way you will keep more heat inside your clothes.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you how to keep your feet warm while walking in the cold.

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