How to deal with hair in bath and shower drains: an ingenious life hack

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How to solve the problem of hair in the bathtub drain

Most often, bathroom pipes "suffer" from an excessive amount of hair. Clogged sewers create an unpleasant odor and contribute to the slow drainage of water. If you don't solve the problem in time, you will have to call a master or buy new equipment.

However, OBOZ.UA has found an ingenious trick that will help you avoid this. You don't need to spend money on aggressive chemicals that can adversely affect your health and damage the surface.

An office eraser

This simple thing will provide an effective result without any extra effort or expense. All you need is a single eraser. Gently place it on the drain in the bathroom and you can bathe without worrying about the sewage system.

This ingenious life hack will help you avoid clogging the pipes not only with hair but also with other impurities as everything but water will get stuck on the eraser. You need to pull out the eraser after taking a shower and throw it in the trash.

The main thing is to remember to replace the useful item in time to avoid negative consequences.

If the sewer does get clogged, don't worry, OBOZ.UA has found out how to deal with it with natural ingredients.

Pour a cup of baking soda into the pipe, pour the same amount of vinegar, and leave it for a few minutes until the chemical reaction is over. Then rinse everything thoroughly with hot water to get rid of the debris in the sewer.

If the situation has not changed after the first time, repeat the procedure.

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