How to clean the floor, walls and toilet: maids' favourite method

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How to make your own universal surface cleaner

Regular cleaning is not only the key to a clean and tidy home. Some items, such as bath mats, can be real breeding grounds for bacteria. Weekly weekend cleanings are time-consuming and effortful, so you can keep things clean by following small daily rituals: washing dishes immediately after meals, dusting surfaces regularly, etc.

In addition, there is one popular way to instantly clean the floor, walls, and toilet bowl. Read the recipe for a universal solution in OBOZREVATEL's article.

Instead of using harsh chemicals or abrasives that can damage surfaces, cleaning experts advise trying two ingredients - white vinegar and water. This is a proven tool used by maids in hotels. It does not cause allergies and does not leave an unpleasant odour.


Pour water and vinegar in a 3:1 ratio into the spray bottle. The solution can be sprayed on all surfaces, including plumbing: floor, walls, toilet bowl.

But first, it is better to remove dust and dirt from the surfaces. One of the secrets lies in the right cloth. The best cloth for dusting is microfibre. If you don't have a microfibre cloth, use a cloth with 100% cotton in it. Terry towels and polyester should not be used as they can create even more dust.

By the way, there is a difference between neatness and cleanliness. You can wash the dishes, dust and shine the surfaces, but haphazardly scattered things, cups on the table and toys on the floor will make the room look untidy. Cleaning experts advise you to learn a few important life hacks that will help you keep your home clean. Read more in the article.

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